Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I did not always want to go on a mission. It wasn't till last year when I went up to school at UVU that I started to think about it. It took me a very long time till I received my answer to go. I first made the decision not to go because I was not getting any indication or feeling that I should go.  I prayed everyday asking heavenly father to give me confirmation weather this is the right decision.  Well he answered my prayers because soon after, about a couple weeks, I felt like everything was falling apart.  My roommate situation for next fall was not going according to plan, my living situation for next fall was turning out to be a bust, and I found myself not being able to stick to one guy. I was beginning to be very frustrated.  Then I read my patriarchal blessing again and saw a few things in there I did not notice before.  They were about having a missionary desire and having mission like attributes.  At this point I figured I have made the decision not to go and it seems like things are not going well. Lets try making the decision to go and see how well this works.  And just like that I decided to serve a mission.  I prayed every night to receive confirmation that I have made the right decision. I instantly felt better.  I got this feeling like everything was going to be ok. I felt at ease, and I knew that this was heavenly father giving me confirmation that I have made the decision that was right for me.

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  1. I'll be an avid follower of your blog posts along your journey. Follow the Spirit and you can't go wrong!