Monday, May 30, 2016

Suriname is killing it again!

    Clarice got baptized!! Three people were baptized Saturday! You could say it was a good day. They all were so strong. You could see how strong they were when they bore their testimonies of the church. The spirit was so strong!  Another miracle! Dwayne (two transfers ago when I was with sister Ashcraft, we were teaching him and I was really sad to leave him because I knew he was going to be baptized. Well we have been teaching him still and he told us at an appointment that was originally going to just be helping him with English, he asked us to have a lesson instead. He said how he talked to his parents about it...and that they want him to and so does he! We were beyond happy! Because this is a huge step for him! Next transfer he will be baptized! Me and sister Ashcraft put our hearts into him, testifying over and over again of the truthfulness of this gospel. and now we will be able to baptize him! If this is my last baptism for the rest of the transfer I will be so happy still. I guess I kinda gave away transfer calls. But for once; everything with me is staying the same, finally no changes during this transfer. It is kinda nice to not have to worry about that!
    Nothing crazy well probably but it is all just normal life for us sisters here. I am thankful for this chance to be on a mission. and to help people come closer to Jesus Christ!
I  love you all!!
Zuster Parker

Clarecce got baptized!!

The North Zone

The North Zone!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ik ben een beetje dikker geworden.

    So miracles!!!!! I feel like all this time; just planting seeds my whole mission, I feel like it is paying off! We are going to have an amazing girl Clarice be baptized! She was going to be baptized 2 months ago with another sister, but she backed out and kinda lost her testimony, or never had a really solid one. Well we were able to meet with her and just invited her to give it another chance, and she came to church and now she knows without a doubt this is the true church and so we set the date for this Saturday!! She is so sweet! I am so excited for her!!!!
    Second; we met this family, Rhanda and Lawrence, and they are so prepared!!! So much that he had people calling him (after our first lesson with him) and telling him bad things about the church, and you want to know what he said? He told them that the book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ just not in Jerusalem but in the Americas, and that it make sense. He told us this and that he doesn't care what they say he has made his decision.  In that same lesson he told us how they want to get married (and they have 2 kids together). They want to get married asap, and this was before we talked about chastity! Then the next lesson he told us how he wants to stop drinking, and this was before we taught him about that! They say the perfect answers, and it comes from their heart!! We love them!!! Haha, there have been some amazing miracles here.
    Nothing crazy going on, or everyday is cray, just depends on how you look at it.  I am just getting used to the crazy here.
    I am just grateful we did not see any flashers this P-day! Haha people here are crazy, but I love them!!!
I love you all!! Lobie!
Zuster Parker

Me and Zuster Vernes

Our service project

Monday, May 16, 2016


    The magnificent trio is still going strong! We are teaching with more unity now! We love our areas and each-other! There is not a day that goes bye that we do not laugh! We are always laughing and also working hard. We have accomplished the perfect balance! We tease each-other (in a loving way) and give support, and teach with power and authority.
    We had to really use these skills this weekend, because president Egbert came into town, and he had a conference with all the members, investigators and missionaries in Suriname. He asked me and my comps to do the role-play...... in dutch!!! We were beyond nervous, but we did it! And lets say it went a lot better than my talk! People afterward seemed to love it!! So it was good! I am just glad it is over! I do not like talking in front of a lot of people, but I was glad I had my comps with me.
    Zone conference was aaamazing! We talked about temples, and I wished I got this before I went through! It would have been more helpful even though I feel like I was prepared enough. I got more excited to go to the temple when I go home, I miss it so much! One thing I loved that he said was, "We go to the temple to also know the feeling, so that when we are not in the temple and we are making a decision and are asking Heavenly Father for confirmation we know what it will feel like; like the temple." I loved that!
    I am grateful to be here on my mission and to help the people here and to help convert my self into the gospel!
I love you all!! Lobie!!



Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day!!!

This week was great! We sang love at home (we meaning the missionaries) at the Mothers Day activity Saturday. We sand the first verse in English, second in Dutch and third in Sranan. Everyone loved it! I ate way too much....lets just say some missionaries and members were underestimating my eating skills..I had to show them but I regretted it...I had to loosen my skirt... but it was such good food!
Then we had mothers day! I gave a talk at church and for some reason my dutch was the worst it has ever been. I could not read my hand writing and I could not say any of the words I wrote, I could see some people laughing at me. I do not know why it sucked! I was not feeling too hot about it after, but z. Zeegelaar said she could understand what I was saying so that was the most important part. I was not going to let anything get me down because I knew I was going to see my family that day! We went to the Abdulhamids (i spelled that wrong) to skype, and that was amazing! I loved seeing my family! I miss them, but I know I am supposed to be here and I am beyond happy to be here. Even when they tell me they are going to go to Holland to see our family that we haven't see in 8 years!!!! and Cole and Jessie do not even speak the language.... but it is ok, I would rather be here!
That night we had a lesson with a couple. They were a referral from a recent convert, it was her mom, and apparently she has been wanting the missionaries for a long time. Oh man....I have never met with people so prepared. They are humbled so much right now and have an open heart! They are amazing and they just kept giving and giving, even when they have nothing to give. I love them. They wanted us to see them everyday, but we explained we have two areas now but we will see them as often as we can! We invited them to be baptized and they said yes! They are amazing!
I love being  a missionary! I love my companions!
Zuster Parker

Monday, May 2, 2016

We are just killing it!!!! Well we are trying! We are learning a bunch! How to plan better to work in both areas, and also working with each other. How to mix all 3 of our teaching styles together, and it is all good! We are just trying our best! Awesome Saturday we had!! We had 4 baptisms in Suriname!! One from Commewijne, two from Paramaribo, and one from Wanica. 4 in 1! soooo cool! and i was glad we could be apart of it!! One thing our zone is focusing on is to invite investigators to be baptized during first lesson, and set a date for the baptism on the on the second lesson. I love this because we can be more bold (with some love) and it helps us to push more and work harder, and it help the investigators to excel.  I know we will see the investigators just increase in progression too!! I am so excited.
Something I want to work on is getting as close as I can with the members. I love them to death andI don't have as long as the elders so I want to build strong relationships with them!
I love my comps! We are still able to laugh through the stressful times so I would say we are doing alright!
I am so excited to skype my family on Mother's Day!
Just letting y'all know it is raining like crazy here!!!!
hahha Lobie
Zuster Parker

 All the people who got baptized!

 Marry got baptized!



 Biking in the rain!!