Monday, January 25, 2016

I Killed Someone!!!!

         So transfers happened!!! I killed sister sad! It was so sad! I almost cried saying bye but I stayed strong it took so much out of me not to cry. I miss her but I am so excited for her because she will have so much fun at UVU and now she is an RM! Wooo!!

 All the Suriname Missionaries, Zuster C, last day

 Us in our moo-moos (yes we showed up to the district meeting in them and wore them all day)


           I pulled this joke on Z. Walsh this week. I got all the missionaries in on it and also the members!!! It spread like wild fire it was awesome; I convinced Zuster Walsh that tortilla is said how it is spelled and she asked everyone and they all went along with it! Man it was so good! We were just going to keep it going for the rest of her mission.. but I ruined it today... I was ordering food and I accidentally said tortilla the normal way and she heard and now the joke is over. It is still funny but I ruined it! But me and Zuster Jorgensen have another one in mind to pull on her this week so you will hear about it next week. My companion and roommates are so nice!
         Friday was my birthday and they got me a tiramisu cake!!!! So nice!! They surprised me! President Abdulhamid took us out to eat at this super good restaurant and I ate squid and shrimp and it was so good!!!! I was a little grossed out that I had to rip the shrimp head off and break it apart, but it was worth it. So good!!!

          What my comps made me for my birthday!

 This was the best!!!!!

 And that is squid, and it is fricken amazing!

 This was the family that took us out to eat for my birthday and x.Chris's last day. This is where we ate the good soup!! Zo lekker!!!!

            I am trying to learn Portuguese because we ARE TEACHING LIKE 10 people who do not speak English or dutch really only Portuguese. Straight up from Brazil, so we are trying to learn that for fun and to also help them, plus we love the language.

Portuguese, Dutch and English. The three languages we have to teach here. 

          I am now gong to be with z. Ashcraft! I am so excited!! She is so obedient and hard working I am so excited to do work of angels here!! We are going to tear this place up!!!

           Got the Chaco tan-line!!!!

           Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I will try to get to everyone today if not then next week! I love you all and remember how important God is in your life. Always put him first and everything else will follow. He loves you enough to take care of you. Especially if you obey him.

Cute boys at church. 

Monday, January 18, 2016


This week was not really exciting, but I got a package! Oh my gosh, thank you mom! When we heard the David Archulletta signing Italian we all literally jumped and screamed we were so excited! So, good choice of music!! I went on exchanges and I noticed I was able to speak more Dutch, and they could understand me so that is a good start right!? I just love the people here!! They are so awesome! and nice!! I meet some cool people and just could not stop thinking what awesome members they would be or how much happier they would be with the gospel in their life!
I got sick...yesterday I woke up early and felt nauseous, and then I threw up a few times throughout the day and I could not go to church. The elders were so nice and brought us the sacrament! Then I could not got to Wanika because I was sick I couldn't even stand up to take a shower. I am all good now!
We had sports with the south zone to. So all the missionaries in Suriname got together and that was fun! We never see them and we forget that we have those other missionaries to, they are so awesome! So all in all it was a good week.
It is Sister Christiansen's last week here..sad! But I am excited for her! Sorry I do not have much to write about, but next week is a new transfer so it will be fun!!




Monday, January 11, 2016

We are not just saving people here....we are saving puppies!

So crazy week!!!!
Here was one of our adventures this week. We had a lesson with a less active who all the photos below you will see him and his home, and where he lives. He is the cutest old man!!! His name is brother Simon.






After that we are biking and on this road we decide to take a left instead of a right. and then we see the cutest puppy, wich is the brown one that you will see.


It was so cute and we could not just leave it. We asked the house that was nearby if it was theirs but they said no, so we took it back to Simon's and asked if he wanted a puppy, and he said yes! So we found it a home!

But then the other guy said did you find the others? We were like, others? He said yeah there are probably more. So we go back and sure enough...there are 3 more puppies!!!! So we pick them up and back to Simon's and asked if he will keep them for the night and then tomorrow we will find them homes. So we picked them up the next day and found all three of them a home!!!! They rode in my bag like the whole day. Haha but we saved 4 puppies! Yes there are tons of stray dogs here and everything. But when you have an opportunity to do something about it, waarom niet! so that was one of our adventures this week.

 What I love about everyone here is how humble some people are and how much love they have for people! You really see the love they have for everyone! It is impossible not to love these people! They are so nice! And friendly! Well not all I love..I do not like some men here.. but it is ok we are all children of God! I tell myself that whenever we are biking. Haha.
One thing they all do is ask "can you give me a ride?!" Like on our bikes.. like what? oh yeah just hop on our bikes... hhha people here sometimes... but other than that! I love it here! I am so sad sister Christiansen is leaving me! I do not know what is worse, her leaving me, or me leading out the area... oh well!! But I love the work here and the people! It is een beetje sweaty here but everyone is sweating so it is no big deal. Hope you all had a fabulous week!

These are pictures of the cool Central Market

The river


Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year!

So new year was crazy!!! It was like a war zone here! The people go insane! Fireworks all around you!! It sounded like bombs and gun shots so of course we couldn't sleep! So at 12 we went outside and watched them and had like a Martinelli's kinda thing. Apparently they party hard here!!! They close off the whole city and just put DJs everywhere and apparently it is like one big party full of porn and drunks so all of the missionaries had to be inside by 7...but it was OK to go outside for that a little while because it was not crazy on our street. But then the next day! It was like a zombie apocalypse with all the not so nice looking buildings and there was no one, just the red firework trash that looked like guts and no one was outside!! Everything was closed for the whole weekend!

We had zone meeting!! and that was sooo good!!! President Eggbert came down because of interviews so we go to see him, that was nice! In interviews he told me and he also told my companion to fast for a baptism.which we did on Sunday. And guess what!!! ; we might get one! Because that Sunday we met a past investigator who was going to be baptized a while back, but he could not meet with the missionaries because of work and then he also was drafted, but he is back now!! So God really does answer prayers!!

All is good here!!!! I love this place!!!!!! Sorry if I can not get to you because I do not have a whole lot of time here. But love reading your letters so keep them coming. Prefer actual letters over email because letters I can read anytime!