Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas

So we are moving to other sisters' apartment because it is way closer than where we are staying now! Instead of a 45 minute bike-ride we have like a 5 min bike-ride. Way nicer! But they are still looking for our apartment, probably will not get it this transfer but hopefully the next one. 

There are a lot of Brazilian people in our area apparently. I might be learning some Portuguese! I love that language! It is so beautiful!  

The coolest thing happened; we were venturing out in our area and man we came across the hugest houses! So cool! Turns out they were the ambassadors houses! We found the one for India and the U.S. and Holland! They were crazy awesome!!!! We were freaking out. Next time I will take photos. We are going to try to klop in, meaning knock. We stand in front of people's houses and yell klop klop and so we call it klopping, haha. It is not as weird as I thought it would be! 
Coolest thing; When I got to Skype my family, my dad spoke Arabic to the family we Skyped at, and my mom spoke Dutch to the mom! It was so awesome! My mind was blown!! 

So, funny story of the week. when we got to this lady's house we sat inside and we were about to start and all of a sudden Sister Wood was staring at me and I was just smiling and then her and sister Christiansen started to laugh... I was so confused. Then it hit me, I still had my helmet on!! So embarrassing! I did not even notice! 

So I guess new years is huge here! Normally people from all over the world come here for it. It sounds like a war apparently...sounds super safe right?  I hope we can stay out past 7 because I feel like there would be so many cool stories!! I gave a talk last sucked!! but I quoted David Archuletta "Glorious". Haha,  and it was the best part. haha. Biking is hard but I love it here.
Sorry this letter is not as long, I did not manage my time wisely on the emailing this week but if you all want to write me letters my address is. p.o. box 2932 Paramaribo, Suriname, South America. love you all!!!!! 

 This guy had on the craziest shirt!

Christmas party with all the sisters in Suriname

All the sisters and their Chacos!

 All the yummy Dutch food you can get in Suriname

Monday, December 21, 2015

Not in Mesa anymore!!

I MADE IT!!!!! It was so crazy to get here. I met up with some missionaries in Houston. Some who were also visa waiters and some who were fresh out the MTC. That was so fun!! But when we arrived in Trinidad I almost was not able to get in!! Immigration was crazy!!  But then they decided I was safe enough to get in. It was weird, but we made it to Trinidad. It was like 12 midnight by the time we made it to the mission home. Pres. Egbert picked us up. So get this: they drive on the right side of the road here!!! Isnt that crazy! I did not know that and then I went into the car and bam! The wheel was on the right side! I took a picture of pres driving. We spent the whole next day in the mission home  and we had orientation. I stayed the night till the next day at 7 pm with a companionship who were serving in Trinidad.

 My day-trainers in Trinidad.


 The next I flew out to Suriname, where I will probably be my whole mission. It is almost like its own mission. So I went contacting with the sisters and they had a car! Which was so awesome! But man do they drive crazy here! They are the best bad drivers. If that makes sense.
We came across this guy who said that he wished Hitler was successful. He was really creepy. I did not like it.
The English in is like its own language! This one guy was talking and I could not understand a word of what he said.. hahaha. Anyways, I made it to Suriname and it is so awesome here!!!!
So my companion is Sister Christiansen. She is from Texas and this is her last transfer. So I am killing her.. sad. She is so awesome!! She kinda reminds me of the twins sometimes. So that is a good thing! It makes me love her more. We get a long great. We are currently in a trio with Sister Wood because her companion wont come till next week. It is all confusing. She has been out for 14 months and is from Canada. She is so awesome!
We do not even live in our area because we are opening up a new area in Paramaribo which is more in the city. They are trying to find an apartment for us because there has not been sisters in that area before. So it will be fun! But right now we have to bike like 30-45 minutes, I think, to get to our area. We also have to be in Sister Wood's area. So we switch days, but oh my gosh so much biking!!! The first time we biked to mine and sister Christiansens area we had the wind going against us like crazy!! it was a hard bike ride!! Sister Wood and Sister Christiansen at the end of the day said wow that was a hard day, Sister Parker are you OK!? a couple of times. Ha ha, I was fine. I thought that is what was normal. I guess not.
I am already used to biking on the right side. Even biking it is crazy here!
Sisters have to be inside by 7 here unless we have a member with us. I guess it is not safe enough. I think it is fine and that that is unnecessarily but whatever they say.
I got an raining experience! It was raining like crazy I was soaked and I had to bike in like mid calf deep water in the streets sometimes.


On Sunday we went to church and I had to bear my testimony in Dutch. Oh man my Dutch is rough! The hard thing is that I can't participate in the lessons that much or at all because I do not know the language. But I am not too discouraged because I know with effort and time and help from Heavenly Father I will be able to get it. I just can't wait!!
I wish I had time to say everything I want to say but I can't, I only have an hour. But I am in love with his place!!! I love it so much! I am getting eaten alive, yes even on my face! But I still love it! I have never sweat so much in my life!!
I am sorry if I can not email everyone who emailed me individually, I do not have a lot of time.  I promise I will do my best to get back to you all!! I love you!!!  and keep safe everyone.
I promise my next email will be more spiritual.

 Fresh coconut! So Good!

Hey OMG mom!!! It is like if Africa meet Holland here! They have frikandel! and oliebollen! and stroopwafels! And those little hotdog things and those cookie things we all love! and vla!! Seriously mom I am in heaven!! so i do n not know if sister Christiansen's mom talked to you or not but there is a super fast and easy way for us to get packages! and I need a raincoat. They said the North Face brand. Probably in a black or red. so I will be Skyping you around 7 pm my time. Mom I love it here!! It is so awesome. Bummer I do not get as Long on the email!! But yeah, food is cheep here!! It is awesome!!


And all three of us eating oliebollen! 
(Sister Christiansen on the left and Sister Wood on the right)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We Welcome Your Missionary!

Dear Families,

We are so happy to welcome the newest missionaries to the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission! They have been in orientation and training sessions today at the mission home and we have been enjoying getting to know them. They have met their new companions via Skype and will join them in the morning in their new assignment areas. You will be hearing from them on Monday when they have their preparation day and will be emailing. We feel their enthusiasm and love for the Savior and His work. We will take good care of them and look forward to the opportunities of growth and change that they will experience throughout their service in the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission. Thank you for your support!

President and Sister Egbert

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Off to Trinidad

Tomorrow morning I will be off to my original mission. I have loved this opportunity to serve here in Mesa and even more grateful to have had this chance to serve at the visitor center during Christmas lights. To be able to testify of our savior and his love for us to so many people. And to have seen so many miracles. And gain so many friendships. I am so grateful the Lord has trusted me enough to be here. I am so soar to leave but I am so excited to start a new adventure and to help the people in Trinidad. To take all that I have learned here and to bring it over there and help the people grow
 closer to our Heavenly Father.

The lights at the Mesa Temple

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey so I got my visa! I cried when I got the call. I love it here! I don't want to leave. I have grown to love the people here so much! I love working in the visitor center also. It will be a huge difference from my lavish life style to the complete opposite in Trinidad. I wish I had more to write but I will tell you a spiritual experience this week. I love all of you and I won't be able to email next Monday
because I will be traveling. But today was the best last P-day. We went laser tagging and went on a hike. It was awesome! Got to hangout with a lot of missionaries! This is what I wrote to my mission president and bought you all would like it.
"I loved the topic of this weeks letter! Joy! I have so much joy! So much love! When I was taking the sacrament I focused so much on Jesus Christ's sacrifice. I focused on the representation of the bread and water as I prayed and was asking for forgiveness. I felt the spirit touch my heart and give me so much joy. Joy and love for my savior and for the amazing experience I have to take the sacrament every Sunday and to feel the spirit. I am very grateful to have had this chance and have this great experience here to be a Arizona Mesa missionary. I love this mission. I am so sad to leave it but I know Heavenly Father needed me here for his work. And I have done all that I was supposed to do here. And now he needs me over in Trinidad. I am grateful that he trusted me to do his work here and soon, over there. Thank you for helping me adjust and helping me feel apart of the mission. The missionaries you have here are amazing! I love them!! And I love the area I am in!"

We snuck into gods plan for families. One of the exhibits at the visitor center.

 Another selfi

My Christmas presents!  

 This was my companion, Hermana Zamudio, for the night! I love her to death!!!! 

This is the district!  

Me and the comp!