Monday, March 20, 2017

Last One!!!

Loannscha got bapitized

Well this week was probably the best last week I could ever ask for.  We worked so hard! We got to go to the zhv party, so I got to see all the members who I have not seen to say goodbye to.  Then we had one of our investigators baptism!  It was a great service! Got to see zr. Baker fall again, and also church was just so spiritual and everyone was so nice to me and wishing me luck! Man, just a great week! 

Funny story! So we were at the zhv part and the Crawfords invited some people and we were holding their place and they gave us the signal that they were here so we directed them next to us. Later a video of the prophet was playing and I told zr. Baker to explain who the prophet is, and she did. Well... later we see a couple people walk in and the Crawfords flag them down... they were the people that they invited!!! We think "who are these people" and we see they have the gospel library app on their phone...oh no; they are members! and zr. Baker just explained to them who and what a prophet is.... so embarrassing!!! But funny! 

I am so grateful for the time I had to serve, and to be able to see people change, including myself. I hope that I can continue to change and continue to help others! 

I love you all and the support you you've given me!!! 


Zuster Parker 

Investigator at the ZHV party wearing her traditional clothes


ZHV (Zusters Hulp Vereniging) Party

Kids playing on our bikes. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Contacting in the Rain and Loving it!

Sheridy telling me about her "boys"

Saved a bird before church

Funny story! So earlier this week we were outside our door of our apartment and zr. Baker was locking the door and I was singing and playing with the steps with my feet and I start to take a step down the stairs and I totally slipped and fell! My hand was clung to the sailing but I was sprawled on the stairs just laying there. Don't worry I did not get hurt but I got up and just said well that woke me up! zr. Baker was dying laughing, for once I am the one falling and she is the one laughing. 

Also other funny story; I do not like sharing the stories about the creepers here because I don't want to worry my parents, but this one was just too funny, I have to tell. We were biking down our street, and there were these 3 guys talking coming up on the left of us and just as soon as we were going to pass them the one talking just stopped the conversation, they all looked at us and he said "wow". Oh man it was hilarious! because he just stopped his conversation just to say wow to us. hahaah! Man the men here!

We have set a very crazy goal this last week to get 50 lessons. We both knew it would help us to work hard and that we can do it! We were determined. Which meant; contacting..a lot! even in the rain! Not just any rain: pouring suriname rain! I love contacting in the rain and this is why: people think we are crazy when we do this, they always ask us why we are out and tell us we don't need to be out right now and that we should wait for the rain to stop! but then, here comes my favorite part; we testify of how important our message is and how true this message is, the church, the Book of Mormon, and because it is so important and true, this is why we do this, why we cont in the pouring rain. We explain we are not being paid to do this, we are doing this for free. The people are always listening more intently because they see how important it is, because we just got drenched in the rain for this. The spirit is always so strong! Moments like this make me so happy to be a missionary. 

We have been teaching the daughter of our investigator Anastacia. This Saturday she will be baptized! So great!!! My last baptism on my last transfer! 

Oh and we made our goal this week! We had 50 lessons!!! It was a lot of work and a lot of help from our Heavenly Father! 

Now I hope you all have an amazing week!!!! 

Zuster Parker

Caesar trying to granc the camera!!

One of Anna's daugters
Eating Rooti

Petting the dog of one of our contacts
Wintano is so crazy!!

Anna's Book of Mormon!

Phagwa at the Hamids

Our District

My face is a canvas to some of the members

Monday, March 6, 2017

We just got dumped! but it is ok he said we can still be friends....

Me and Josh

Your local ice-cream man

Well this week was a fast one!! So our investigator Anna asked us to give her daughters a Book of Mormon and when we came back the next appointment the youngest one who is like 4 or 5 was standing the closest to us and zr. Baker said look what we have....and pulled out 3 BOMs! The little girl gasped, she was so excited to get a Book of Mormon for herself. Now they have all marked up their books and are so happy! The cutest thing ever!!  Anna tells us they have been practicing giving talks and testimonies in the mirror!! so cute!!

We went to a wedding of Jordan and Elena, members,  both returned missionaries. I love them both! I got to see all the members from previous areas! I said goodbye to Josh my old investigator who will be a life long friend! I almost cried saying goodbye because all these people have such a huge place in my heart that it physically hurts saying bye or thinking about doing so. I have now decided i really really hate saying good bye! I always forget how much it hurts till I have to do it! So sad, but it is ok I will see them again!! 

Yesterday we went to an inv. house, we had not been able to meet with him for a couple of weeks but we had such a strong hope for him and he seemed so cool! His name is David (figures). Well we get there and we sit down and then he started talking....and  as I was listening and I noticed is he ....dropping us.. so his family and members from his church want him to first stay and try his church out before switching and so he said he would like to do that and can't meet with us any more, but then he is all like, but we can still be friends and I will see you around right? Of course we are all like no problem friends yeah.. totally.. hhaah it felt like he was breaking up with us, pretty funny. But it is all good! We bore our testimonies and encouraged him to keep reading the Book of mormon. 
But all in all it was a great week!! 
I love it here! 
Love you all!! 

Zuster Parker

Me and Zuster Baker

We contracted this whole street; a lesson in enduring to the end :)

The wedding

More of the wedding with my favs

More of the wedding with my favs

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mongos and Monkeys!

This week we have had so many mangos given to us! I swear; like 50! So great! This week was a good one! We are focusing on purifying ourselves, it helps that we are on the 40 day fast. Second we are focusing on having spiritual contacting hours. It makes the 2 hours go a lot faster and more enjoyable. We are trying our best to find people. We are talking to everyone we see. We have not found a whole lot of people who are interested, but we will continue to invite everyone to hear our message, because then God will send us some one who is prepared. 
Anna has such a strong desire to grow. she asked us the other day, "So how do you repent?"  Perfect opportunity to fulfill our role of baptizing converts and teaching repentance. She is doing great! She cried in sacrament meeting because one of the speakers, she felt the spirit so strong. It was even more great to see her go up to the sister after and talk to her and thank her for her talk, and then, bam, she has a new fellowshipper and they were just clicking! It was a great week! 
Have an amazing week everyone!! 

Zuster Parker

Monkey Caesar


Taking a dinner break

Anastacia's kds

Likes to play with my hair!

Monday, February 20, 2017

This is going to be a short email. but everything is good. We have seen so many miracles this week and I am so tired because we are working so hard! I am grateful to still be here and I feel like I still have forever on my mission. I am sorry this email is so short but next week's email will be better hopefully! 
Love you all! 
Sorry no pictures because the this is not working to send pictures.

Zuster Parker

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

18 months!!!!! and i found a grey hair.......

This was a good week! We had zone conference with president Egbert. The next time I see them will be in Trinidad having my departing interview; crazy! The other day I was coming my hair and I was looking in the mirror and I saw....A GREY HAIR!!! I could not believe it! my first grey hair!? I didn't think I was that old?! 

We did not have water for a day and it was a bit of a struggle because it was in the morning and we couldn't shower, or go to the bathroom. and it happened the night before and I really needed to go to the bathroom but I just had to hold it. The next morning I couldn't hold it in any more and before we could do out studies, looking like a mess because we couldn't shower, we went to this roti shop on the end of the street and I used their bathroom to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I  felt like a hobo! We may have also bought a roti roll for breakfast... but it was a bit of a struggle. Luckily by the end of the day we got our water back! So everything is all good now! 

Annastacia again is just amazing! She said something amazing in our lesson with her. She read the pamphlet about the restoration the night before our visit and she said, "You know that God and Jesus Christ said that all the churches are good, but he has one true church and that is this church! and I read in the Book of Mormon that God does not lie! This is the true church! Do you know how much I wish I was already in this church years ago???" It was so amazing! She now talks about spreading the gospel! That is a huge testimony to me about true conversion. She finally got her strong foundation, her answer. She knows that this is the true church, not because we told her, but because of the spirit and God who told her. Right after she knew this, she wanted others to know, to feel the same joy. That is when you are converted. You look to others to bring them closer to God. I know that is what I want to have my whole life; to share the gospel, to have a desire to share the gospel!  It is easy to do that as a missionary, but the trick is to still do it as a member. I invite you all to try missionary work out in your lives. It will not only bless the lives of others but yourself. 
I love you all and wish you all the best! 

Zuster Parker

Monday, February 6, 2017


I do not have a lot to write about this week. I am sorry...also no photos...sorry! I will be better at taking photos this week! 
I want to talk about an investigator of ours. her name is Anastasia.  She is ready to be baptized, but she is not married and lives with her boyfriend. We had an appointment fall through so we got the feeling to go see Anastasia. We got to her house and she came out and just laid everything out on us. She said how she almost killed herself today because she is dealing with a lot at home and how she is going through a really hard time. While we were trying to comfort her with testifying of Christ and the Book of Mormon her mom drove up. We had never met her mom before and we had a good talk with her and her mom. Wow..her mom is so spiritual! She has such a strong faith in Jesus Christ! We offered to give her a Book of Mormon and she was so excited! Her mom is so prepared too! That was a super spiritual lesson! I almost cried when Anna started crying. It broke my heart this poor girl! She is 27 yrs old, I should say lady. We had a couple lessons with her after that and her desire to get baptized is so strong! She wants to get baptized so bad, but she is just kind of stuck. I know her desire is going to continue to increase. I have never met someone with such a strong desire to get baptized, she has grown so much in the past couple months! I love her so much and I know God will help her find a way to get out of the situation she is in so she and her kids can be baptized! 
I  testify that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that it changes people because it draws them closer to Christ. They will begin to be enlightened by His love and knowledge. I know that God loves us more than we can even imagine and I am grateful to have this knowledge and be apart of this church! 
Have an amazing week! 

Zuster Parker! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Truly Guided by the Spirit!

Another great week of miracles here in Kwatta! I had one that was a huge testimony builder. We were biking to our appointment and we were going to be right on schedule, when I saw a man and his daughter on the other side of the street. I greeted them and they were nice and greeted back. As I continued to bike I got a prompting to talk to them, but we were almost to our appointment and we would be late if I did. I was trying to talk myself out of it, basically fighting with the spirit. Something I read from my previous companions email on how president Egbert told her to "Never delay a prompting from the spirit". Those words kept going in my head and then the spirit won. By this time we already were further down passed the intersection when I told zr. Baker let's turn around, I had a prompting from the spirit to talk to someone and i didn't follow it but now I have to! So we turned around and went back to where I saw him last, but he was nowhere to be seen! I just felt horrible but was determined to find him. We were in a neighborhood with many houses and he could be in any one of these houses! There were so many! No one was really outside, so we decided to pray. We asked Heavenly Father to guide us to his house. After the prayer I got the feeling to kloop at a house that was a little further down. So we go there and a couple kids came out, and I thought "this is not it", but then, after talking to the kids for a bit, the guy came outside! The one I was looking for and we contacted him! Afterwards I was just amazed at how Heavenly Father guided us to his house! All we needed to do was ask and listen! I will forever ask and listen when I need guidance and direction I know he will answer my prayers and guide me! It was a beautiful experience! 

In one of my personal studies this week I read one of the conference talks about the Book of Mormon. it is called "There is Power in the Book". I invite you all to read it. I can promise you that the Book of Mormon will provide you those blessings and help in you life! 

I love you all, and am excited for another week of miracles! 


Zuster Parker

Donovan is our investigator who got baptized last Saturday!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Am I Really 21???She

Well I never thought I would ever get to an age and feel old...but this is the one. I feel older saying I am 21. I feel like I have to be really responsible and mature now. Well, I have been, but it just feels weird! Thank you you all for the birthday wishes! This year my birthday fell on a Sunday.  One of the best presents I got was seeing three of our investigators at church, and they were participating, it was a spiritual service on Sunday.  The branch presidency asked me to give a talk....being on a mission has not helped me with my stage fright, sadly. I still get super nervous and scared, even now that I know the language and what I am talking about. Thankfully it turned out great! I gave my talk on Joseph Smith's life and I focused on how he went through so much, and how he was only able to go through his trials because he had a testimony of the church, the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ and God. We can go through hard things like him if we also have a testimony. We must do as James directs, which is ask of God. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and his example on asking and enduring. 

Well this week was a little health struggle but also a very spiritual week. Zuster Baker has been getting crazy headaches and they have been pretty bad we went to the doctor for them because it was constant for 5 days and she got to go to a physical therapist and get a massage today.....I was a little envious seeing her get a massage, but it is ok in a couple months I will have Jessie give me one ;) (my little sister for those who may not know who that is). We were stuck inside a couple of days because of the health issues, but the days we did get to go!

One of the days we set up a 2 hour contacting block. Here in this mission president Egbert has told us to have a specific area within our areas that we will pray about and contact in, and that we should contact everyday for at least 2 to 3 hours. So we have set up prime time hours and we will contact on those hours. One of the days during our personal study me and zr. Baker were inspired to study the Book of Mormon and both realized we need to use the Book of Mormon more in our missionary work. I got a prompting that we should not only use it in lessons, but when we are contacting. That day we tried it, and wow!! Some of the most spiritual contacts I have had and it was a lot more successful. One of the most spiritual experiences was with Tishan. 

Tishan was just working outside his house and we just came up to him and we started talking to him about religion. He said he was hindu, and pointed at his flags that were hung up (indicating that he is hindu), but we focused on God. I shared  a verse in the Book of Mormon about God and His love for us, and the conversations just grew from there. We got on the subject of our purpose here on earth and he said he has no clue why and how, and he said he wish he knew. Zuster Baker pulled up a verse in the Book of Mormon to answer him and he had a smile on his face, he was feeling the spirit! Then, once we gave him the Book of Mormon the HUGEST smile on his face. He was so happy! He said he wants to come to church because that is where he can learn more and he said he definitely wants to learn more! The spirit was so strong and we have an appointment with him this Tuesday! 

The next crazy awesome thing was with Dion. We had an appointment with an investigator Annastasha, and we brought a member with us. Anna canceled when we got here so zr. Jetti (the member who came with us) drove us back and on that same street she saw a guy outside his house and she rolled down her window, stopped the car and said while pointing at him, "Hello we are from the church can we talk to you?" Go zr. Jetti! We had a lesson with him but that is not even the craziest thing! The craziest thing is that he was an investigator of zr. Baker and Jorgenson,  they taught him like 2 times and then found out he was in jail and dropped him. they put him on date though for the 21 of Jan....the day we met up with him again! Turns out he was there because of false charges. so he got out of jail! He came to church the next day!!!! He is golden and it is crazy how God works! 

There were so many more miracles but I do not have the time! I love being here and the work! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!! 

zuster Parker

My comp decorated my desk

She made me a cake in a mug

Frogs are huge out here!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Not Just Spiritual Punches Overhere, But ...

I feel like I always have something funny happen to me! Here's another story! So yesterday we had district conference and all the members in Suriname were there. Wow, the building was packed! It felt soo good such great people A LOT of people and it felt like a normal church! So many people (well, about average amount of people for wards in the US, but a lot of people for here). I got to see all the members I knew! Oh so many whom I love so much and have missed so much! I could feel the love! Well....I was eating a little sandwich that one of the members gave to me, and I was walking through the hall of the church and I was talking to my companion who was behind me and as I turned around and turned the corner this girl came out of nowhere and I ran into her!...Well, I didn't but my sandwich did! I basically punched her in the face near her eye with my sandwich.... she looked so confused and had the bread dust on her face from my sandwhich! Oh my gosh this poor little girl! I felt so bad! Haha and I said sorry but then I had to leave because I was about to laugh! The other sisters saw and we all just laughed once we were out of sight! So funny! She was alright not hurt and still happy. But oh man... so funny! 

One of our investigators is on date for the 28th of January and he was a past investigator and was dropped because he was not taking it seriously (he is 14 yrs old). Then a few months later he just showed up to church with a nice white shirt, and his Book of Mormon and he told us he came back because he knows that it is good and right and wants to be baptized. We had just fasted for a baptism and now he was our answer! We had a spiritual confirmation that he is ready! We are so excited for him! 

We had a district meeting this Tuesday about missionary work basically and it was so motivating! I am so motivated to give these last 2 months my all! Really push and give everything to the Lord! One of the elders was telling about an experience he had where he asked himself "Am I doing what Christ would do if He was here?". I loved that because it really makes you think about how hard you are working and where your mind is at. Another one was on how we can find joy in working hard. "Only when we have 100% dedication do we have 100% joy". As a missionary this is how we can get rid of depression, homesickness, loneliness, tiredness. Giving 100% will give us the joy, and a joy that is remarkable and indescribable. I am so incredibly grateful to be here on a mission and that I have a little extra time here to give it all to the Lord, to give back to Him. I know I could never be able to repay him, but I can do something and I am so grateful that I can!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Song Gone Wrong...

Well this week we had zone conference! So president Eckbert came to Suriname and we got to see him and have a great spiritual meeting. Well it was all going great and we ate lunch in the middle of it then went back to it. But to start us of we had a musical number. They asked North Zone (us) to do it. Well an hour before this whole meeting we practiced the song. It was one I and the other sisters, most of the missionaries did not know. I had never heard it before and us sisters were struggling getting the right tune down. Well the elders decided to have the sisters only sing on the second verse. Big mistake! We thought we had it kind of down but when it came to performance time we did not.... the 1st verse was good, all of us sang. Next came our part, and now take into mind there are only 4 sisters and like 8 elders up here singing; well we started and I squeaked, and then me and zr. Vernes lost it and started laughing so hard!!! You know that kind of laugh attack you get and you can not stop and it just keeps coming! No matter how hard I prayed it did not stop, and me laughing made zr Vernes start laughing and zr. Vernes started laughing made me laughing more! So we could not sing and zr. Baker was laughing but could still sort of sing but poor zr. Bokai! She held it together and sang it all! One of the elders joined in and sang with her. but i couldn't, and it was in front of the president! I was soooooo embarrassed! Why did the elders had to choose that song that no one knew! Anyways I felt so bad for ruining it! But it is all good. Let it go and move on.
We moved to a new apartment! and wow....the nicest one I have ever lived in on my mission. I feel like I am living in a vacation home. We live on the top floor and so we have this nice beautiful balcony; we eat breakfast there and we do our morning exercise there to. Sometimes even lunch. It is a great apartment! While moving the things into the new apartment the senior couple came and helped us out with their truck. They had us pile everything in there and there was still some room so we did not have to carry anything on our bikes going over there. It is super close to where we used to live so me and zr Baker just biked. I took advantage of that and put everything in the truck. not having any burdens on me and I felt so light while biking! Zr. baker decided to just keep it all on her bike. While we were biking I was pondering on this and realized that this is kind of like the atonement. Sometimes we choose to carry all this unnecessary burden on us because we think the savior has enough burdens to carry, we do not want to add any more to his "truck", when in fact he has the room and the strength to carry it. No problem. Christ will always carry all our burdens, not just some of them. Not just till the truck is full, but ALL our burdens. This is because of the atonement. He already carried everything so we do not have to. We can have that light free bike ride. I am so grateful for all that the Savior has done for me and everyone else. 

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Lobi

Zuster Parker

Our new house!!

Our beautiful balcony!!

Sister Baker, eating breakfast outside.

Too much food!!

Me and sister Baker

How the elders like to avoid the rains nowadays.