Monday, November 21, 2016


Well I got a call a couple nights ago..and I am going back to Suriname! I have a mix of bitter sweet emotions right now. I am excited to go back to my home country (I like to call it that:) and see the other members and missionaries. But also super sad because I have to say goodbye to all the missionaries and members here! :(. But that is life as a missionary. Constantly saying goodbye. But! you are also constantly saying hello! Meeting new people, so I am grateful for that otherwise it would get pretty sad out here if we were just saying goodbye. I am so grateful to have served here in curacao! I learned so much and I grew sooo much as well! I will miss my companions! They are not only beautiful!!! but amazing missionaries. I knew that I would not have been able to get through this past transfer without them and they have helped me to be a better person and and a better missionary. They have a place in my heart, always! 

We got rejected hard this week. Literally doors slamming in our face and people yelling at us...hahaha but it builds character right? 

Sorry i can not write as much I am in a little bit of a time crunch I have a lot I need to do before I head back to suriname tonight!. 

But I love all your support!!!! 

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