Monday, November 28, 2016


So,  we made it back in Suriname! and I am staying with zr. Vernes as my comp again! I am so happy for that! I love her. We are in Parimaribo North in a new apartment. It is relaly nice. I have been in this area like my whole mission hahaha. It is my 7th transfer in this area and branch. Haha crazy! I love it because I am taking the person who I am (which is better than before) and have become from my time in Curacao and putting it all in this area. I am excited! We are blanking the area, but I now have developed all my contacting skills, so I am prepared for this transfer hah. It was so great to see all the members again. I am happy to be back. Really sad to have left Curacao, but also happy to see familiar faces again. I love these members and me and zr. Vernes are just so pumped to work and meet new people! 

We had to stay in trinidad for 4 or 5 days because our flight got cancelled to Suriname. So we spent Thanksgiving there....and we did not do anything special. We actually forgot it was Thanksgiving till an investigator said oh happy Thanksgiving, and we all were like...oohhhhh yeahh! Todays thanksgiving! Ha totally forgot. But it is ok we were doing the work, that's all that matters.
I love you all!! 
I attached more photos this week! 
I wish you all the best! 

zuster Parker

Below are pictures from my last days in Curacao, a lot of saying goodbye to best friends!

Saying Goodbye to my Curacao compas, our last dat together

Ouch, my blister!!

Saying Goodbye to some awesome members in Curacao

an awesome member who I absolutely love!

An awesome member and his best friend (who is our investigator!)

Me and Sister Taylor eating McKroket!!

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