Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas

So we are moving to other sisters' apartment because it is way closer than where we are staying now! Instead of a 45 minute bike-ride we have like a 5 min bike-ride. Way nicer! But they are still looking for our apartment, probably will not get it this transfer but hopefully the next one. 

There are a lot of Brazilian people in our area apparently. I might be learning some Portuguese! I love that language! It is so beautiful!  

The coolest thing happened; we were venturing out in our area and man we came across the hugest houses! So cool! Turns out they were the ambassadors houses! We found the one for India and the U.S. and Holland! They were crazy awesome!!!! We were freaking out. Next time I will take photos. We are going to try to klop in, meaning knock. We stand in front of people's houses and yell klop klop and so we call it klopping, haha. It is not as weird as I thought it would be! 
Coolest thing; When I got to Skype my family, my dad spoke Arabic to the family we Skyped at, and my mom spoke Dutch to the mom! It was so awesome! My mind was blown!! 

So, funny story of the week. when we got to this lady's house we sat inside and we were about to start and all of a sudden Sister Wood was staring at me and I was just smiling and then her and sister Christiansen started to laugh... I was so confused. Then it hit me, I still had my helmet on!! So embarrassing! I did not even notice! 

So I guess new years is huge here! Normally people from all over the world come here for it. It sounds like a war apparently...sounds super safe right?  I hope we can stay out past 7 because I feel like there would be so many cool stories!! I gave a talk last sucked!! but I quoted David Archuletta "Glorious". Haha,  and it was the best part. haha. Biking is hard but I love it here.
Sorry this letter is not as long, I did not manage my time wisely on the emailing this week but if you all want to write me letters my address is. p.o. box 2932 Paramaribo, Suriname, South America. love you all!!!!! 

 This guy had on the craziest shirt!

Christmas party with all the sisters in Suriname

All the sisters and their Chacos!

 All the yummy Dutch food you can get in Suriname

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