Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey so I got my visa! I cried when I got the call. I love it here! I don't want to leave. I have grown to love the people here so much! I love working in the visitor center also. It will be a huge difference from my lavish life style to the complete opposite in Trinidad. I wish I had more to write but I will tell you a spiritual experience this week. I love all of you and I won't be able to email next Monday
because I will be traveling. But today was the best last P-day. We went laser tagging and went on a hike. It was awesome! Got to hangout with a lot of missionaries! This is what I wrote to my mission president and bought you all would like it.
"I loved the topic of this weeks letter! Joy! I have so much joy! So much love! When I was taking the sacrament I focused so much on Jesus Christ's sacrifice. I focused on the representation of the bread and water as I prayed and was asking for forgiveness. I felt the spirit touch my heart and give me so much joy. Joy and love for my savior and for the amazing experience I have to take the sacrament every Sunday and to feel the spirit. I am very grateful to have had this chance and have this great experience here to be a Arizona Mesa missionary. I love this mission. I am so sad to leave it but I know Heavenly Father needed me here for his work. And I have done all that I was supposed to do here. And now he needs me over in Trinidad. I am grateful that he trusted me to do his work here and soon, over there. Thank you for helping me adjust and helping me feel apart of the mission. The missionaries you have here are amazing! I love them!! And I love the area I am in!"

We snuck into gods plan for families. One of the exhibits at the visitor center.

 Another selfi

My Christmas presents!  

 This was my companion, Hermana Zamudio, for the night! I love her to death!!!! 

This is the district!  

Me and the comp!

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