Monday, April 11, 2016

It's all coming to an end!

So this week I had a taste of what life will be like without z. Wood, because she was in Trinidad for MLC for a couple of days, and I was with z. Vernez and z. Jorgensen. and man did I miss z. Wood! Not that I didn't enjoy my time with the other two. I loved it! Zuster Vernez kind of reminds me of my sister. But I also love sister Jorgensen, it was just having her gone I realized more how much I would miss her. . she has done amazing work here. I had to lead out the area so just getting me ready for when she leaves for real.
I also started to not feeling well when she left on Thursday, my body was feeling achy and I felt pain everywhere, and I got that loopy feeling you get when you are sick. The next day the loopy feeling was gone, but the pain was still there, same with Saturday and my right tonsil was swollen too. Then Sunday I woke up with a rash all over my body, which it is still there now.  Zuster Wood has had Zika and said that I probably have it and she told me to call the mission nurse. The mission nurse said she said i definitely have one of the big three (zika, chikungunya, dangue), bit I think I have zika, because the other two are a lot worse. So i have zika.. . but i am doing as good as I can be, still enjoying missionary life! Hopefully it will start to go down like the nurse said.
We had this awesome lesson with an investigator of mine and z. Woods. she is soo cool! She is a mom of 5 kids and I love her sons!! They are so adorable, especially the two young ones! They are 4 and 5 and they are two little ones cuties!! Sydney  is the 16 year old. I will take picture of them next week. They love spider man, and so when I told them that I hang out with him all the time because he is my brother thye flipped out. Pretty funny! We had brought a member (z. Ebraheim) and it went so well!! They really clicked and Nicole (the investigator) was super into the lesson, asked a lot of questions, and agreed with everything we said. I think she is going to be ready soon!!
Then we had a lesson with this less active of the other sisters area, and he is sooo cool!! But he has had a some bad experiences and now he is less active. Without giving too much of his personal life away he basically lost faith. While we were teaching him it made me think how important it is to always! strengthen our faith, because that is the core. If you lose faith everything will start slipping through the cracks. Always try to increase your faith, especially when you are feeling it slip!
I love you all and I am grateful to have had each of you in my life! and I hope you have an amazing and healthy week!!!!!
Zuster Parker


 Zuster Vernes with Lepiss

 This is called lepiss. it is like a rubbery jello coconut cake. it is goood!

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