Monday, April 18, 2016

Transfers...and I am moving...again!!!

So, transfer calls happened, and well I knew I was getting a new companion since z. Wood is dying, but I didn't think I would be leaving the Tamenga branch! I just got here! The next transfer we will be going from 8 to 4 sisters! I am going back the Parimaribo branch, they are closing down the area I am in right now, and also the one I was in last transfer. I am going to be in Rainville, and working with the investigators in Parimaribo North as well, so kinda 2 areas. I am going to be in a trio with zuster Zeegelaar who will be leaving in the middle of the transfer to go to her mission in Utah because she is a visa waiter, and will also back with sister Ashcraft. I am excited! It will be a good time! Back in the old branch, at least I know them! I am sad because I really love the branch here, but it is ok it is close by and I will see them often.
Well, amazing Sunday yesterday! First off an investigator came and she is just solid! She had the best experience anyone could have! She felt the spirit so strong in Sunday school she was crying, like sobbing! She could feel the love in Relief Society and she opened up and they all just fellow-shipped her! After she was just talking with everyone! Her 2 boys loved it! I love them two! I have talked about her before but she is was awesome!! I am going to be sad leaving her but I know she is in good hands and I will be there for her baptism!
Also, good news: forgot to tell you that the first person I taught in Mesa AZ, the one who had a baptismal date, well she is baptized! and I am so grateful I was able to be apart of that! I email her now and she is doing so great!!
Sorry not the most time in the world but I just want to express my love for the Savior! He has a plan for all of us, and I can see so many of his plans and see them play out. I am grateful I can have a front row seat! I love you all!!!! tot later!!!!!
Zuster Parker!

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