Monday, April 25, 2016

Transfer of hard work!!!

Just started another transfer! I am back in Paramaribo. with sister Ashcraft but with a twist! We have z. Zeegelaar, from Suriname who is a visa waiter and might leave mid transfer. We are blanking Rainville (blanking means we are all new to the area and not one who was already there), but wait there is more! We are also working with Paramaribo North! So we have all of that area and all of ours... a lot of people to work with, and a lot...a lot of biking! like whoa! I have never slept sooooo goood before,  and I have never had so much muscle in my legs before! The only part of my body that has muscle right now....not going to lie I have put on a couple of pounds, but it is ok! I'm just giving everything to the mission!
We have amazing people we are teaching! There is this girl from the new area that the sisters were teaching that will be baptized Saturday! She is so cute! Her name is Marry, I think she is 14 and from Guyana. We also have this other really awesome investigator! His name is Josh. We are hoping to get him on date this week. He comes to church every Sunday and he told us in our lesson with him this week:"I just want to really know and understand the book of Mormon". He is originally from Africa, but moved around Asia from when he was 5 to 23. He spent most of his life in China, he knows Chinese, and he is so prepared! This transfer we have a lot more people to work with but because it is all new we have to get familiar with everything. It is going to require a lot more work than before, but we can do it! This transfer is going to be a transfer of working, working and more working! Doing everything we can, and the Savior will make up the rest.
I came across a quote in my personal study, and I thought of all of yall: "No matter if you are  actually a missionary or a member, you are called to the work!!!! "
it is from David O. McKay,
"Ours is the responsibility-greater than ever before:
1. To proclaim that the church was divinely established by the appearance of God the Father, and His son Jesus Christ to the prophet Joseph Smith, and that divine authority through the priesthood is given to represent deity in establishing Christs church upon the earth.
2. Proclaim that it's assigned responsibility [is] to fulfill the admonition of Jesus Christ to his apostles: "go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world amen."
We are all missionaries. We may drop a word here, bear our testimony, be an exemplar by what we do; and, as we accept this call and discharge our duties in the stakes, wards, quorums, and the mission field, our acts will roll from soul to soul and go forever and forever."
I love you all and I know if you share the gospel you will be blessed immensely!
Zuster Parker

Comp unity: same moo moos with a candid laughing pic

Comp unity: same pj's

Cutest kids!!

Comp unity: we ride the same bike! 

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