Monday, June 13, 2016

Rain, rain and more rain!

    This week, so much rain! Haha. I know we are in rainy season, but it is crazy how fast the streets get flooded. It is gross also! Today on our way over to the cyber, the canal dingen (which is just filled with gross water all the time) was overflowing onto the was soooooo gross!!!! We had to bike through it! Definitely washing my feet when I go home! and legs! Haha. The main things I do not like about biking in the flooded streets are:
1. The water is nasty, we always see people(guys) pee on the side of the road, like everyday..
3. You can not see through the water, and the roads are terrible, so next thing you know you ran through a pot hole and you are like half way in!.
      But you know, I still love it! I love the adventures like this here. Where else am I going to say I have done these things?! Also the comments people say while we are biking! The best! On our way here one guy was telling me,"Bruintje! Je bent en bruintje!" Haha so I guess that is better than bakra! (that means white person).
    Also last night there was a crazy storm! Loud thunder and crazy lighting! It was close to our house, it took out some of the power in some of the missionaries apartments (luckily not us). Then also we have been hearing that we are in a hurricane... or one is coming, but I really do not believe that! hah they always say things, they say oh it is rainy season now, and then the next person says oh this is not the long rainy season, in December it is,(but it is actually now) and they say oh rainy season is over, and the other says it will go till August... hahah so I just do not ask anymore.
    Sister Zeegelaar leaves tomorrow to go to her own mission in Utah! I am so sad! She is amazing, but Utah needs her. I can not wait to see her in Utah though!
    The work is going great! We are so busy!!! it is awesome! we always have someone to see, almost tooo many! But we are happy! I hope I can stay here for a long time, I love my area!
Love you all!
Have an amazing week!

Probably my favorite baby in Suriname, we are teaching her family, her mom is the perfect investigator, i love her!


Me and zr. Zeegelaar. found the cutest place in Suriname!   


Me and Zuster Ashcraft

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