Monday, December 5, 2016

This week just flew by! We did something we would never have thought we could in suriname....WE GOT TO SPEAK IN PAPIAMENTU!!!! And they understood us! They are brazilians. Turns out brazilians can understand papiamentu. We were so excited that day! We got to use it twice in a row. We were contacting and came across a brazilian lady, and then right after that another one! We contacted them in papiamentu. They only could speak portuguese and understood us! Really fun! We have been contacting more here,(not as much as in curacao).
The most embarrassing thing/funniest thing happened to me and zr. Vernes. Ok, so it is a new rule for us to wear these neon yellow vests when we are biking at night......I am not the happiest camper about this but you know, obedience. So we get to an appointment and we have our vests and helmets on and we stop at his driveway, say a prayer, and then kloop in and while we are waiting me and sister Vernes are making up christmas songs, the words and the tunes, and we were getting really into it. Well sister Vernes was going and then it was my turn, and I am singing and getting really into it, and I throw my hands out to the sides of me and I am at the high peak of the song and just giving it my all when.....all of a sudden we hear softly "jullie kunnen mooi zingen". and I still have my arms out to the sides and I slowly look behind me at the next door neighbors and a guy was watching the whole thing!!!! He heard us and saw us!!!! We broke out in laughter! Oh embarrassing. Of course we tried to contract him but he was not interested in the message,  more in we did not give him our number but a pamphlet.
I love Suriname! I really do! I have never felt so at one with nature before. In a lesson yesterday night we were sitting and all of a sudden I felt something land on my hand, it was cold and slimy. I instantly thought oh man a bird pooped on me! Then brother Parabeircing started freaking out and I looked it was a cute little gecko! I was not even freaked out or scared I was like oh! Cute! Then br. Parabeircing was shewing him off me, and we all continued with the lesson like nothing. Kinda funny when I look back on it.
A couple days ago we contacted a lady and she totally rejected us. Then yesterday we passed by her house and we waved and she waved and signaled for us to come to her so we did and she apologized for being so rude and how she was not feeling too great at that time but was praying that we would pass by again so she could meet with us! super awesome! It is cool to see how the lord works! I love you all! I hope you are all getting ready for the christmas season!!!!

This is how we have to bike now at night!!

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