Monday, March 13, 2017

Contacting in the Rain and Loving it!

Sheridy telling me about her "boys"

Saved a bird before church

Funny story! So earlier this week we were outside our door of our apartment and zr. Baker was locking the door and I was singing and playing with the steps with my feet and I start to take a step down the stairs and I totally slipped and fell! My hand was clung to the sailing but I was sprawled on the stairs just laying there. Don't worry I did not get hurt but I got up and just said well that woke me up! zr. Baker was dying laughing, for once I am the one falling and she is the one laughing. 

Also other funny story; I do not like sharing the stories about the creepers here because I don't want to worry my parents, but this one was just too funny, I have to tell. We were biking down our street, and there were these 3 guys talking coming up on the left of us and just as soon as we were going to pass them the one talking just stopped the conversation, they all looked at us and he said "wow". Oh man it was hilarious! because he just stopped his conversation just to say wow to us. hahaah! Man the men here!

We have set a very crazy goal this last week to get 50 lessons. We both knew it would help us to work hard and that we can do it! We were determined. Which meant; contacting..a lot! even in the rain! Not just any rain: pouring suriname rain! I love contacting in the rain and this is why: people think we are crazy when we do this, they always ask us why we are out and tell us we don't need to be out right now and that we should wait for the rain to stop! but then, here comes my favorite part; we testify of how important our message is and how true this message is, the church, the Book of Mormon, and because it is so important and true, this is why we do this, why we cont in the pouring rain. We explain we are not being paid to do this, we are doing this for free. The people are always listening more intently because they see how important it is, because we just got drenched in the rain for this. The spirit is always so strong! Moments like this make me so happy to be a missionary. 

We have been teaching the daughter of our investigator Anastacia. This Saturday she will be baptized! So great!!! My last baptism on my last transfer! 

Oh and we made our goal this week! We had 50 lessons!!! It was a lot of work and a lot of help from our Heavenly Father! 

Now I hope you all have an amazing week!!!! 

Zuster Parker

Caesar trying to granc the camera!!

One of Anna's daugters
Eating Rooti

Petting the dog of one of our contacts
Wintano is so crazy!!

Anna's Book of Mormon!

Phagwa at the Hamids

Our District

My face is a canvas to some of the members

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