Monday, March 20, 2017

Last One!!!

Loannscha got bapitized

Well this week was probably the best last week I could ever ask for.  We worked so hard! We got to go to the zhv party, so I got to see all the members who I have not seen to say goodbye to.  Then we had one of our investigators baptism!  It was a great service! Got to see zr. Baker fall again, and also church was just so spiritual and everyone was so nice to me and wishing me luck! Man, just a great week! 

Funny story! So we were at the zhv part and the Crawfords invited some people and we were holding their place and they gave us the signal that they were here so we directed them next to us. Later a video of the prophet was playing and I told zr. Baker to explain who the prophet is, and she did. Well... later we see a couple people walk in and the Crawfords flag them down... they were the people that they invited!!! We think "who are these people" and we see they have the gospel library app on their phone...oh no; they are members! and zr. Baker just explained to them who and what a prophet is.... so embarrassing!!! But funny! 

I am so grateful for the time I had to serve, and to be able to see people change, including myself. I hope that I can continue to change and continue to help others! 

I love you all and the support you you've given me!!! 


Zuster Parker 

Investigator at the ZHV party wearing her traditional clothes


ZHV (Zusters Hulp Vereniging) Party

Kids playing on our bikes. 

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