Monday, February 27, 2017

Mongos and Monkeys!

This week we have had so many mangos given to us! I swear; like 50! So great! This week was a good one! We are focusing on purifying ourselves, it helps that we are on the 40 day fast. Second we are focusing on having spiritual contacting hours. It makes the 2 hours go a lot faster and more enjoyable. We are trying our best to find people. We are talking to everyone we see. We have not found a whole lot of people who are interested, but we will continue to invite everyone to hear our message, because then God will send us some one who is prepared. 
Anna has such a strong desire to grow. she asked us the other day, "So how do you repent?"  Perfect opportunity to fulfill our role of baptizing converts and teaching repentance. She is doing great! She cried in sacrament meeting because one of the speakers, she felt the spirit so strong. It was even more great to see her go up to the sister after and talk to her and thank her for her talk, and then, bam, she has a new fellowshipper and they were just clicking! It was a great week! 
Have an amazing week everyone!! 

Zuster Parker

Monkey Caesar


Taking a dinner break

Anastacia's kds

Likes to play with my hair!

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