Monday, October 19, 2015

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So this week...oh man I feel like I am loosing my memory. I can not think of anything exciting that has happened.

I get an ipad for the mission tomorrow! So that will make taking pictures and emailing a lot better, and I can also read my emails everyday, but I can not write any until p-day. So if you want to send me something that you want me to read right away I can! So that is cool!

Today I got to play volley ball! Yay finally!!! It was so much fun! I loved it!!

I realized something... I am going to miss my brothers homecoming talk and his cute little accent! But it is a sacrifice that I am willing to make.

I love it here! I am falling in love with the people here! Everyone is so nice! We did an art class Saturday to get to know the youth and find new investigators at the same time.. maybe, haha. It was fun! We did the balloons filled with paint and poping them with darts! It was cool! It turned into just washing your bodies with paint.

We are not having a lot of success with having new investigators and baptisms are not working out. But we are still successful, because we are planting seeds and talking to everyone! We can only do so much, the rest is up to them. They can choose to accept it or not, sometimes it is not the right time. We are just a part of that process and just won't see the end result. Our purpose is to invite everyone to come to Christ and help them receive the restored gospel.

I love this mission so much! Some days are harder than others but on average I am doing great.

You can always send me letters and packages. Those make my week!!! My address is 2525 n 32nd st. 85213 Mesa, AZ. I love all of your emails as well!!

Be safe and remember someone is always there for you! Sorry no pictures this week! Next week I will have some!

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