Monday, October 26, 2015


         I love my mission! I am learning so much and growing so much! It is insane! I can not believe this has happened! I am almost 3 months out!
        So it is time to be real with you all....I am having a really hard time. So my trainer said that this is the hardest area she's ever served in and she has 2 months left.... Yeah we are constantly trying to be positive, that is the key here. Because we have a small area and majority of the ppl are Mormon and those who we try to talk to already know and have made up there mind they are not interested. And the girl, April, that I asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes. She was doing so well!! Reading and taking notes!! And then out of nowhere she was ignoring us and blocked sister Pajaro on Facebook and now we had to drop her. It was the saddest thing! And then a less active dropped us. And then we can not find any investigators. We are trying everything! It has been so hard. We keep thinking what are we doing wrong. Or "what lack I yet" and we have not been getting an answer either! That is annoying as well. But then sister Pajaro found something during her personal study! And it was an answer to our prayers. So it was in a talk. I forgot who it was by and what exactly it said but it said that when we face trials and hardships and it is not because of a consequence of our disobedience but it is because the lord wants you to stretch and grow and that you are ready to do this. And I was like wow.... I understand! Obviously the lord wants us to learn something. And we still have to be obedience and the best we can be. But I have learned so much! I at least know now that it can only get better from here! And I also want to share this because if anyone else feels like they our discouraged! Remember this! I have such a strong testimony that the lord wants speaks to us! In various ways and is always looking out for us! Just last Monday we had ran out of money for groceries and then randomly this member from sister Pajaro's last area was here and insisted that she paid for us. And she had no idea! And then we did not have anyone sign up for dinner then the member we are living with asked if we were eating anywhere and offered to have us over for dinner! It was beyond crazy! I know Heavenly Father looks out for his servants!
                I love the people here! All these family's are so awesome and perfect member missionaries! I wish one thing though...... That missions were not so stressful! It is a bit tiring but it is worth it! I know the lord has sent me here to learn, and help. And I'm so glad and grateful for this opportunity! I am also so happy to have a loving family and that my brother served a mission and I can not wait to see him because we both would have grown so much!
             So get this! The members I am staying with has a son who was in my zone at the MTC! He is going to Sweden. I met him! And apparently his whole district got reassigned!!!! And guess where he got reassigned to?! LA!!!! We switched places! ....kinda haha. Super awesome! But I really love packages and letters!!!! FYI! I am thankful for all your support! And love!! Love you all!!!!

Sister Parker and Sister Pajaro arriving home after the stake service day. Each ward had a different project. They picked up liter along the Salt River.  Sister Parker is doing well.  Cheerful and enthusiastic!

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