Monday, October 5, 2015



So it has been 2 weeks now! Crazy to think I have been here for that long but also seems like it is super short at the same time. It all just flies by!

So I extended my first baptismal invitation! and.......she said yes!!! It was such a beautiful moment! She is 17 and from Samoa. English is her second language but her English is so good! Anyways I asked her and she said yes. Then we said asked her if she would prepare herself to be baptized on the 31st(Halloween), and she said yes. Then she started to get emotional and cry. There was a long moment of silence but it was amazing, I got a little teary eyed and the room was just filled with the spirit. She then explained how she has been looking for something like this in her life and howshe will be more happy. It was so awesome. That was one of the couple moments I have had here where I get lost in the work and love my mission and the people. I love this feeling and being able to watch this happen! Watch people change and come unto Christ. It is so beautiful! And I get to have a front row seat! This is what makes being a missionary so awesome.

Me and my companion get a long so well! I am so happy to have her as my trainer I love her! We joke around but can still get the work done. We seem to have a good balance with that.

So funny story!! We were eating dinner at a members house, the Campbells. No they do not own the soup, but they sure are living in luxury! Huge house!! It is beautiful. So we are eating there and she has young kids the oldest is 17, and the youngest is like 8. Well we noticed that they have a basement, no surprise there, but! they also have a slide in the wall that goes down to the basement! Me and my companion were like oh! We got to go down it! We took a video of it I will send it to you all! But I took my shoes off for that obviously. Well after we had our fun we all went back up and ate dessert, probably some of the best gelato I have ever had, and shared a spiritual message. Then we are walking out the door saying bye, we are busy we can not stay there forever. So we were walking out and I took a couple steps outside and she almost closed the door when I saw little toes...I FORGOT MY SHOES! So I quickly turn around and had to tell her I forgot my shoes! We were all laughing! It was  little embarrassing! At least I noticed it right away rather than when we got to our next appointment.

General conference was this weekend! and boy was it amazing! I took like 8 pages of notes! Elder Lawrence and Hales were so good!!! What lack I yet? I loved that! I felt like I was in spiritual school, there was so much I was learning, I loved it!

On Sunday we found a new investigator! Guess what his name is!? Joseph Smith!!! No joke! He is so awesome the whole time we were teaching him I just had a good feeling about him. It was an awesome moment!

So I am really loving it here! The people are so nice! The weather is a little warm but it is OK we have a car and it is starting to cool down.

Well I love every single one of you so much and I miss you all! But there is work to be done so I must go! Till next week!! Don't worry I have pictures and a couple videos to send to you all.

So that is me and my companion! Sister Pajaro! That is the inside of our apartment! I forgot to take a pic of the outside! And yes those are bug bites on my leg... I am getting eaten alive out here!  And that is one of the members in our wards! He is the mayor of mesa actually!

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