Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year!

So new year was crazy!!! It was like a war zone here! The people go insane! Fireworks all around you!! It sounded like bombs and gun shots so of course we couldn't sleep! So at 12 we went outside and watched them and had like a Martinelli's kinda thing. Apparently they party hard here!!! They close off the whole city and just put DJs everywhere and apparently it is like one big party full of porn and drunks so all of the missionaries had to be inside by 7...but it was OK to go outside for that a little while because it was not crazy on our street. But then the next day! It was like a zombie apocalypse with all the not so nice looking buildings and there was no one, just the red firework trash that looked like guts and no one was outside!! Everything was closed for the whole weekend!

We had zone meeting!! and that was sooo good!!! President Eggbert came down because of interviews so we go to see him, that was nice! In interviews he told me and he also told my companion to fast for a baptism.which we did on Sunday. And guess what!!! ; we might get one! Because that Sunday we met a past investigator who was going to be baptized a while back, but he could not meet with the missionaries because of work and then he also was drafted, but he is back now!! So God really does answer prayers!!

All is good here!!!! I love this place!!!!!! Sorry if I can not get to you because I do not have a whole lot of time here. But love reading your letters so keep them coming. Prefer actual letters over email because letters I can read anytime!

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