Monday, January 25, 2016

I Killed Someone!!!!

         So transfers happened!!! I killed sister sad! It was so sad! I almost cried saying bye but I stayed strong it took so much out of me not to cry. I miss her but I am so excited for her because she will have so much fun at UVU and now she is an RM! Wooo!!

 All the Suriname Missionaries, Zuster C, last day

 Us in our moo-moos (yes we showed up to the district meeting in them and wore them all day)


           I pulled this joke on Z. Walsh this week. I got all the missionaries in on it and also the members!!! It spread like wild fire it was awesome; I convinced Zuster Walsh that tortilla is said how it is spelled and she asked everyone and they all went along with it! Man it was so good! We were just going to keep it going for the rest of her mission.. but I ruined it today... I was ordering food and I accidentally said tortilla the normal way and she heard and now the joke is over. It is still funny but I ruined it! But me and Zuster Jorgensen have another one in mind to pull on her this week so you will hear about it next week. My companion and roommates are so nice!
         Friday was my birthday and they got me a tiramisu cake!!!! So nice!! They surprised me! President Abdulhamid took us out to eat at this super good restaurant and I ate squid and shrimp and it was so good!!!! I was a little grossed out that I had to rip the shrimp head off and break it apart, but it was worth it. So good!!!

          What my comps made me for my birthday!

 This was the best!!!!!

 And that is squid, and it is fricken amazing!

 This was the family that took us out to eat for my birthday and x.Chris's last day. This is where we ate the good soup!! Zo lekker!!!!

            I am trying to learn Portuguese because we ARE TEACHING LIKE 10 people who do not speak English or dutch really only Portuguese. Straight up from Brazil, so we are trying to learn that for fun and to also help them, plus we love the language.

Portuguese, Dutch and English. The three languages we have to teach here. 

          I am now gong to be with z. Ashcraft! I am so excited!! She is so obedient and hard working I am so excited to do work of angels here!! We are going to tear this place up!!!

           Got the Chaco tan-line!!!!

           Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I will try to get to everyone today if not then next week! I love you all and remember how important God is in your life. Always put him first and everything else will follow. He loves you enough to take care of you. Especially if you obey him.

Cute boys at church. 

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