Monday, February 22, 2016


So this week, I am sorry I can not remember much. I forgot to write down what happened. But to let you all know it was a good week! Same amount of creepers, same amount of biking, same amount of rain, same amount of rejection. But...we got two investigators to want to be baptized!!! One has a date! But we may need to move it back, but the other will hopefully tonight! He is so cool!! So his name is Dwayne and he is 18. Still in school, plays football and is super nice. We were teaching the the plan of salvation and after we explained it all, we asked him: "Now Dwayne which kingdom do you want to go to?" Obviously all in Dutch, and he said the celestial, like it was obvious. Then we said "What do you have to do to get there?" and he pointed at the 5 things we need to do on earth, and we said yes!! So the first one, faith in Jesus Christ, you have that right? He said yeah! Then we said second, repentance, that is a process, but you are going through that right? He said yes! Then we said baptism....and then he have not done that. I must be baptized. I have to be baptized, and he was all serious!! We were so happy!!!!! So we asked him and explained about the right way to be baptized through the priesthood, and he wants to! This is will be super exciting!! The area is improving a lot! We are contacting more!
I was contacting with my comp, and after a lot of rejecting and people not being able to understand us, humbling ourselves. We ran into a guy and talked to him and I do not even know how but I was able to speak the whole time in dutch and I had no problems really and he was shocked that I have only been here for this long and said to my comp, "did you understand all of that?" Because he didn't know how much she knew. I was so happy!! I know the only way I am learning this language so fast is through Heavenly Fathers help! i
I love you all and I hope you all remember how much Jesus Christ loves you. It is almost that time soon and I invite you all to learn more about the atonement of Jesus Christ. because it is the best way to bring yourself closer to Him and His teachings. I can promise you that for sure.
Ik hou van jullie!

 Palmen Town

Went to Overbridge today, so fun!

 All the zusters in Suriname

Me and Sister Ashcraft

 Cutest kid!

Yes there are chicken feet...yes I ate it. No it was not bad, just creepy!

Ate some sugar cane, so good!

These are pictures shared with permission from Elder Burr. PDay 2/22/16. Jackie sais thos waters are invested with piranhas. 

 Elder Lewis on the tight rope

 Elder Burr

This one was taken and shared by Elder Hardy and shared with by his mom Stephanie van Deventer.

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