Monday, February 29, 2016

Suriname sisters.....UNCHAINED!

This week was good! T
oday we just got back from hanging with some of the south zone, and we played sports! It was so much fun! Actually way fun, we were the only sisters that went and the only ones from south zone, but it was like sooo much fun!! Got a little wet, from the rain(normal) and a little dirty from the sand and grass and mud! It was good!
      Big news ya'll!! So sisters have not been able to go out past 7 unless we had a member with us, well the rule is not back so we can go have lessons normal time till 9:30! We can't contact past 7 but we can be out later!!! Yay!!!!!!!! We are so happy! It is so cool here at night!! It is so much cooler literally! Haha, we are so stoked by it!!
      Remember, last week I talked about Dwayne.. well he is on date! I am not saying when because I do not want to jinks it. Just know he is on date! So yay!! He asked us right before we were going to tell him when he was like,"So when am I getting baptized?!" We were so happy!!! It was good!!
      So you know that one week I talked about the investigator who left us at the restaurant and wrote directions how to get to his house and what not? well....the same thing happened with another investigator, Armand! Oh man this guy is hilarious! He always seems like he is drunk and high, but we know for a fact he is not. He is high up there in the police department, and really rich. He totally has our back, he is the homie here. He promised us last week to take us to the restaurant (supper cool and good place btw) but his work called him in. He does not like to break promises so he told them he is ziek, and so he said ok you two, here is my credit card, you go to the ATM right there and this is my pin, take out 300 SRD, and while you do that I will take a shower and then we can go. So we did it! Hahaha crazy man! But we love him! Don't worry we did not steal anything. It was just crazy! But then he orders us like 9 dishes!! We looked around and everyone else has like one per person, and you get to us, you can not even see the tables and there are these two white girls! Then he says well I have to go the people are working on my house, paid for it and he left! Oh man...crazy adventures here!
      I am so happy to be here. I was praying to open my personal study one time, and I was thinking about how much I have changed, even the way I think is so different now! I know that it is only because I am here. If I was not here on a mission I could not be the person I am. I could not be this better version of myself. I am still not close to perfect, but I am way better than how I was before. I know it is because of so many things, but one quote I liked was from this talk by James E. Faust. "The atonement advances our mortal course of learning, by making it it possible for our natures to become perfect." I love that!!
      Well I love all of you!!! Remember to always use the atonement!! lobie!!

A little flooded, not as bad as it will be though.

My tire popped today, I rode on the back of her bike. Such a great comp!

Practicing my art again, a little rough but I need to get back in shape.

Picture from last week.

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