Monday, May 16, 2016


    The magnificent trio is still going strong! We are teaching with more unity now! We love our areas and each-other! There is not a day that goes bye that we do not laugh! We are always laughing and also working hard. We have accomplished the perfect balance! We tease each-other (in a loving way) and give support, and teach with power and authority.
    We had to really use these skills this weekend, because president Egbert came into town, and he had a conference with all the members, investigators and missionaries in Suriname. He asked me and my comps to do the role-play...... in dutch!!! We were beyond nervous, but we did it! And lets say it went a lot better than my talk! People afterward seemed to love it!! So it was good! I am just glad it is over! I do not like talking in front of a lot of people, but I was glad I had my comps with me.
    Zone conference was aaamazing! We talked about temples, and I wished I got this before I went through! It would have been more helpful even though I feel like I was prepared enough. I got more excited to go to the temple when I go home, I miss it so much! One thing I loved that he said was, "We go to the temple to also know the feeling, so that when we are not in the temple and we are making a decision and are asking Heavenly Father for confirmation we know what it will feel like; like the temple." I loved that!
    I am grateful to be here on my mission and to help the people here and to help convert my self into the gospel!
I love you all!! Lobie!!



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