Monday, May 2, 2016

We are just killing it!!!! Well we are trying! We are learning a bunch! How to plan better to work in both areas, and also working with each other. How to mix all 3 of our teaching styles together, and it is all good! We are just trying our best! Awesome Saturday we had!! We had 4 baptisms in Suriname!! One from Commewijne, two from Paramaribo, and one from Wanica. 4 in 1! soooo cool! and i was glad we could be apart of it!! One thing our zone is focusing on is to invite investigators to be baptized during first lesson, and set a date for the baptism on the on the second lesson. I love this because we can be more bold (with some love) and it helps us to push more and work harder, and it help the investigators to excel.  I know we will see the investigators just increase in progression too!! I am so excited.
Something I want to work on is getting as close as I can with the members. I love them to death andI don't have as long as the elders so I want to build strong relationships with them!
I love my comps! We are still able to laugh through the stressful times so I would say we are doing alright!
I am so excited to skype my family on Mother's Day!
Just letting y'all know it is raining like crazy here!!!!
hahha Lobie
Zuster Parker

 All the people who got baptized!

 Marry got baptized!



 Biking in the rain!!



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