Monday, July 11, 2016


We have this amazing investigator of ours, Rhanda. I may or may not have talked about her. She is from Guyana not married but has the cutest 2 kids. Well she is perfect! We had a lesson with her and her man, Lawrence. We were talking about the plan of salvation, and Lawrence was talking about how he wants to be better. The cool thing about Lawrence is he has a desire, but the bad thing is he has not been doing much about that desire, and he is holding Rhanda back. In the lesson we were answering Lawrence's questions about how you can change through the atonement, and guess what Rhanda did!? She was looking for a scripture she had already read before and marked that applied to what we were talking about and asked if she could share it, and then went off on the gospel (all what she was saying was correct) and said, everything of what she said and what she had learned (while hugging the book of Mormon) is because of this little book. We just wanted to just cry we were so happy! And Lawrence said in the lesson "all she does is read that book, it does not matter when or what movie we are watching, she is reading, and I noticed her reading so much and thought my "wife" is changing, I better start reading!" That is what the book of Mormon does! It helps you change. Why? because it has the full gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps you understand Jesus Christ and his atonement more than anything else. And the atonement is the only way you can really change and come closer to god. the book of Mormon is the key, and it is so true! I can testify that the book of Mormon is the only book on the earth that has the most truth in it. It is the most truthful book. And the only book that can bring you the closest to god! I love you all and invite you to read out of the book of Mormon everyday,
Zuster Parker

Joey's Baptism! I am so proud of him!

Joey and Remi (The one who baptized him)

Enjoying one of the Surinaamse leuke eetplaatsen!


Bachra Chain!

What all dogs here are like!

Everyone here has a hammock.

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