Monday, July 18, 2016

When things don't work out your way, they work out in His way!

Hello!!! So this week has just been a little struggle with lessons falling through. But we had a amazing experience. One of the days, I think Thursday, a lesson fell through. By this time all week we have been dealing with half of our lessons falling through everyday, or more than half. I know for some people reading this that might be a good day for you, but it was just different than what we have been used too these past couple months in this area. So Thursday we were calling everyone in our area (it felt like, we probably did), trying to figure out where we should go. We even contacted this girl that walked by and she was busy so we could not have a lesson with her right then and there. Then we came across zr. Salijo (an active member) and we called to see if we could see her. She said yes! So we went. We had a lesson on the Book of Mormon and how it is the thing that you can turn to any time, and all the time, also how important it is in the church and our testimonies. After the lesson she gave us saoto favorite food here. We were starving so that was an answer to our prayers. Well,  the next day her mother in law died, and she has been living with them for the past 10 years or so, bed bound and just miserable, and zr. Salijo has been helping taking care of her. so she got close to her. When she died that Friday zr. Salijo was super sad. When we saw her Sunday she told us how her step mom died the next day after we came, and how she knew we were sent to her by God because she needed that extra strength to get through this, and how she was so grateful for us. We had no idea that our last option on our backups that day would end up being the first plan for our Heavenly Father. It was a blessing that Heavenly Father trusts us that much to help him comfort and strengthen his children. I am beyond grateful for this chance to be here and constantly be led by the Holy Ghost to do His work, and  His way, even if it messes up my way. I'd rather take His than mine anyways.
So funny story: It was poring and we were just soo cold, and soaked and no one wanted to talk to us and we had 15 to 20 min before our next lesson which was just right there. We wanted to get some hot chocolate but we did not know where we could around here. we knew of one place that might, called souposo. So we go and there are 2 female waitresses standing outside. We ask if they do and they said only coffee. We asked if they knew of a place close by but they didn't really, or they were trying to explain but we didn't know any of the streets they were saying. Then they went and brought Roel out, and Roel was the waiter we had last time we were there and we contacted him and he came to church! He is not in our area so we can't teach him but we know him, we're friends now. So he came out and we are talking to him and he said hmm hot chocolate...I can make some! We are like "are you sure?",  he said "Yeah! I can figure it out, you should just come here". So we are like alright! and he made some (I do not know how) and it was good! It was not on the menu but we got connections ;) It was funny! He is probably the only person in Suriname who understands customer service! I hope all of you have an amazing and spiritual week!!!
Zuster Parker

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