Monday, July 25, 2016

To start you need to have the desire.

So this week was a little struggle but not too bad. One of those weeks where it now feels like it went by so fast but looking back also sooooo slow! So I want to start out by sharing a really weird and crazy experience this week. There is a guy who works at Chois (the grocery store we go to), and he always talks to us, and he is obviously into us. One day when we were outside the store putting our groceries on our bikes and sister Ashcraft tells me that he wants my attention and I look and see him behind the glass in the store, and he drew a heart with his finger on the glass and did the call me sign. oh man....hahahah well now with that background info; We went to our appointment with Rhanda and her friend who lives upstairs Urideca. (which is kinda by Chois) and we are right by her house and we see a fight, and we stop...we see it is a boy about 20, and he is getting beat up by our investigator! who is 15! We were like uhhhh what do we do and then I see to our left in the field a guy running towards us and I knew exactly who it was...the Chois guy! and I tell sister Ashcraft oh my gosh look who is coming on your left, and we start talking to him. Turns out he lives in the building by the field there...... it was all just crazy haha all at once! Pretty funny!
Now for the spiritual part. This week we had a couple of amazing lessons with Rhanda and Lawrence. Rhanda is the one who loves the book of Mormon. They set a date to get married! September 5th! We were so excited, and they will be baptized that Saturday on the 10th! it was amazing! And another one of our investigators Serkan, who is from Turkey, who had no relationship with God, and never has thought about religion and all that in a VERY long time. Well he now has a desire to get married in the temple and have a gospel centered life. And he knows that the blessings of the gospel on the members, is because Heavenly Father blesses those who follow his son Jesus Christ. and he still has a long ways to go, but he has such a strong desire to come closer now because he realized how much he missed that in his life. we are focusing on his relationship with god and him feeling comfortable with praying. because he new does and said that that is something hard for him to kneel because he has never knelt for anyone in his life, but he is getting closer and closer. I am so grateful for these experiences!!! I love being a missionary! and I am grateful for all of your support and love! and your example for the savior!
Zuster Parker

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