Monday, July 4, 2016

Be a Light To Others

We had an awesome experience this week.We met with this new investigator, Serkan from Turkey. We have seen him around in Joshe's apartment complex where we go to teach him. He is Muslim and when we first met him he talked to us(super nice guy) and was trying to convert us to his religion (as a joke). We asked if we could come by him and he rejected us. But we see him  around the building when we go there, and we always have nice short conversations. We became friends with him. Then he saw us while we were waiting for Josh to come out and we started to talk to him, and he said,"when are you going to come by me?" So we see how if we continue to fellowship people their hearts will be softened. Then in our lesson he said"You are probably wondering why I am chasing you down. I am not to into religion, but I like your positivity, I feel recharged whenever I see you (that is because he feels the spirit, that is what he is describing, and his soul is lacking that until he talks to us). There is something different about you two." we had a pretty good lesson, a lot better than we thought. He was able to open up to us. I know he will not be converted fast, but I have a feeling that after a while he will. Some time in his life. Because this is not the first time he has had contact with the church. You can learn here that what he was talking about was the light of Christ. He sees the light that we have, and that is something that stands out to him. I am so grateful that I have come out on a mission so Heavenly Father can shape me and help me grow so I can consume this light to be a light to others, to draw them closer to our Savior.
Some other cool things he said were that, "In your religion everyone is a member." I loved how he can see that!!! So great job everyone! Keep it up! Also this was funny; when we were walking up he said, "You do this for 18 months?! No vacation?! You already got your ticket into heaven! Take me with you!", and he kept calling us angels! Hah, he is cool. I am so excited for this coming Saturday! Josh is going to be baptized! and Joey too!!!! We are so grateful to have the chance to teach them!! I love you all sorry my email last week was so short!
Zuster Parker

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