Monday, October 24, 2016

Bon Bini!

We had an amazing zone conference! It was all about how important our purpose is as missionaries. We found out how we are called on our missions to where we need to be,  and then they challenged us to find out why we are called to this mission. There is a reason, and we are obligated to find out what it is! It was super empowering and motivating. Like a pump you up kind of meeting; ready to get to work after that one! 
We are also doing a fast as a companionship to prevent being negative. We call it: be positive happy and humorous in all situations. 
We have been teaching an investigator Carlos. He is the one I talked about with the goat. Well he is progressing a lot! He is changing his life! He called us today to let us know how much we have changed his life, and how he is so happy now and grateful for us! He is amazing! We love him! He has opened up so much to us to and we are grateful for the chance to teach him. 
Sorry not much to write about this week! I love my companions, and my area! I think I have lost some weight we bike so much and so hard here! Hahaha,  but I love it! t
Till next week! 
Oh also; I can pray in Papiamento!!! So cool!!! Lobi!

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