Monday, October 17, 2016

Getting Dates, Rejected and Chased

     So this week we have been doing a lot of first lessons; how to begin teaching and God. We have been focusing on finding the elect. We have given out baptism dates the first lesson, and it has helped us to know if they are ready. We put them on date the second lesson,  it has helped them to know why we are here. In a sense it helps them understand our purpose more, and it is great! 
    We have found one investigator through it. his name is Atillio, and we only taught him one lesson (how to begin teaching and God), invited him to be baptized, he said yes, and he came to church before our second lesson! He even brought his Book of Mormon to church! So cool right! He is from Venezuela. Now we have him on date! We can feel the spirit with us in the lesson so strong with him. So, if you do not mind; please pray for him to that he will be able to be baptized, if it is the Lords will, November 12th. 

     I love these two hermanas! We get along! Poor Hermana Watson has been sick but she is getting better. We are trying not to overwork her,  but we are basically blanking this area. There is another investigator of ours who is hilarious! His name is Carlos, and he is such a spaz. One of our favorite people! He talked about how he is scared to pray because of paranormal things happening when he tries. He told us he records it. He told us "I will show you". and pulls out his phone,  he is 100% serious this whole time, and pulls up a picture of a goat.........we just bust out laughing!!!! so random! the goat was just standing there. Carlos looked confused, but we all could not hold it in! We were crying laughing so hard! It was soooo funny! We love him to death, he is from Colombia. does not speak English (figures),  so I have no clue what he says, but my amazing companion translates for me. Except she does not quite understand him. Not because of the language, but HIM. He doesn't make any sense sometimes. One thing he has said was I have so many beautiful amazing thoughts right now. He is funny. 

    Also on our way home one night these guys started to chase us, some were running others were biking, and one was grabbing under my seat and I quickly sped up! They were trying to steal our lights! While we were biking!!!!! We biked so fast! It was an adrenaline rush forsure. After like 10 min we finally lost them. All in all though,  it is a lot safer here than in Suriname. I love it here! 

Love you all. 
Hope everything is great!!!! 

Zuster Parker

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