Monday, October 31, 2016


Well I am going to sum up this week by explaining this last Saturday. It was so hot! We got burnt. I held a dying iguana. Only 2 lessons. Rest of the time biking, and finding less active houses and finding that their number of house was skipped or non existent,  found out one of our favorite elders went home due to medical reasons :(. Had to share a short message at the halloween branch party, all in was interesting.. Tried all our back ups: no one worked out. It was a long list. Took hermana Taylor's bike to the shop which took some time. At the end of the day we were sooooo pooped!!!! On our way home we were all just dead, biking on a street, and the streets here have these little like alleyways that people can go through. So we were on the main road biking, zr. Watson was in front I was a little behind her, and hermana Taylor was behind me. Hermana taylor is singing. I am saying a prayer in my head. Then all of a sudden in front of me a motorcycle comes through the alleyway and runs into hermana Watson!! For a second the motorcycle the bike and the guy and hermana just become one! Then her lifeless body gets flown around. She literally looked lifeless. She hits the ground and her helmet comes off and she got flung into the pole! I had a rush of emotions pass over me! First I thought she was dead. then she immediately got up, and I was confused. Then the guy comes over and sees what happened and I just want to yell at him!!!!! He only speaks spanish and papiamentu and I can't speak either of those languages! But I can understand some. So he is telling us that it is our fault because our lights are not clear enough! NOT TRUE! Because he normally looks for cars is why he didn't stop or see us. I am thinking first we have the right of way he should have stopped it is 100 % his fault. Second he was going way too fast for him to stop even if there would have been a car. 3rd there are people who walk on the street they do not have lights! How does he expect to see them!? I start to yell at him but he doesn't understand me and I am fighting tears  back and then I start crying so I have to try and calm down. The next part we later laughed about. But once I was calm I started to yell at him in the little spanish i know "rapido!!! No bueno! No bueno! and a lot of hand movements! hahha! But he then got on his bike a after a little while and would not give us his info and biked away!!! Oh man I was so mad! But she is fine! Super sore but fine! We made it home safe! 
Love you all that was about my week!! 

Zuster Parker

that was us just getting done with a random dance off between me and zr. taylor

This was the beginning of this transfer and we bought for the whole transfer!

from last transfer we took a member out teaching.

got stuck under the air conditioner!

 it means parker her (well no parking here, but I covered it up )

 our compship.
a member and his two daughters

 investigator Carlos got us juice

Chelsey (member from the US and also our best friend) with local

We are running late to get our dolping kiss!

it was a little hot...that is me sweat...

The district

Branch member at the Branch Halloween party

Chalsea and her husband at the Halloween party

Branch Halloween party and me getting soup

I saw an Iguana at the side of the road


Washing the car with a legit watergun

Washed the car and the comp

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