Monday, December 19, 2016

Mini Transfer call

So there were 2 zusters who went home a week early so they could be with their families for Christmas, and so me and zr. Vernes were split up to be with their companions. So for this week, and maybe next transfer maybe not.  I am companions with zr. Baker. She is awesome! Pumped to work, super fun and an awesome girl! She is from Mesa Arizona! Where I served for my Visa waiting! So that is awesome! I already love her. I am also in the other branch now. In Tamenge and in another area;  Kwatta. Apparently in a week we will be moving out of this apartment to a different one because this one is located where it is is not the safest area. So I am living out of a suitcase. Cool experience. 

Me and zr. Vernes were contacting one night and we looked up and saw only 1 star in the whole sky and it was so bright! We immediately thought of the new star for Jesus Christ. It was a sweet moment. 

Another night we were out  contacting and we decided to go caroling. Well people here in Suriname do not know what caroling is; they all rejected our singing... super sad. We did not sound that bad. 

We were at lesson with zr. Salik. and we were talking about the first vision. I could feel the spirit so strong. We were talking about how grateful we were for the question Joseph had, and zr. Salik bore her testimony about it and about how she is now with her husband forever. Because of him; Jospeh Smith. and there was a moment when I was testifying I could feel the spirit so strong, another clarification of how true this church is. I am truly grateful for Joseph Smith and his desire to act and his faith to receive an answer. Now we all have the opportunity to ask if the church, the Book of Mormon, and the prophet are true. I am truly so grateful to be here on a mission I love it and I know this will not only help me in my life but others as well. 

I love you all so much, I am excited for a new year and I am excited to be here during Christmas, and I invite you all to find ways on how to be the light of the world, and share the light to the world! 
Have an amazing christmas! 

Zuster Parker

This rich guy has these out by his house everyone comes to them, the prettiest lights!

Playing with lights!

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