Monday, December 12, 2016

Sorry, niet zo veel....

Well.. not so much happened this week to be honest. We have an investigator that me and zr. Ashcraft and Zeegelaar found when we were together in April that we are teaching and we have her set to be baptized on the 24th! I am so happy because it is cool to be able to have the chance to teach her almost the whole time from the beginning of her experience and see the change. 
We also have another investigator on date for the 28th of January. He is progressing so well! He is in the end of alma!! He received the Book of Mormon not even a month ago! Crazy cool! He loves the Book of Mormon. He said that it is always drawing him in and calling him. He knows that it is more than just a book. Super cool! 
We found the hugest snail in the world!!! it was about the size of my palm! Zo groot!!! Gek! Maar ja!
I am sorry I do not have a lot to write. We have cool fun plans for Christmas but I will tell more about those next week or when they actually happen. 
I love it here with zr. Vernes and I love this branch. 
There has been a lot of rain...the usual Suriname. I just hope it doesn't rain on Christmas or Christmas eve. 

I love you all and invite you all to draw closer to Jesus Christ this month. Remember to light the world!!! 

Zuster Parker

Zuster Vernes and the Giant Snail

Investigator of ours who is almost done with the book of mormon! In less than a month!

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