Monday, September 28, 2015

Mesa, Arizona!

I got temporarily reassigned to Mesa, Arizona... it is a long story, they made a big mistake and I may or may not have yelled at hard core..I would normally feel bad but I do that bad? Haha oh well, they waited to tell me till 5 days before I was supposed to leave to realize that I do need a visa, when we asked months and weeks in advanced, twice, if I needed one and they said no!

Well in the end I did! So dumb, but I am loving Mesa! We basically live in a mansion! It's awesome! I love it here! I have a car and an awesome companion! Her name is sister Pajaro! She is from the Philippines! She is so awesome! We get along great!

Something cool and awesome that happened this week was that in companion study we were practicing tracting and she pretended to be a young single mom and have a bunch of kids. Then later that day we re tracting and the first person we found was a young mom who had a bunch of kids! It was perfect!! I am so grateful for that practice! It was almost too perfect!! Well the members here are way too nice! I love it! They help out so much!

Funny story! We accidentally washed our phone today! So that was bad but we got  a new one yay!! haha.
But I love it here and I love the people! I am so happy!! I do not have pics this week but I will send you loads next week! Love you all and you all are in my prayers! remember heavenly father loves you and is looking out for you!!

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