Monday, November 23, 2015

4 Eyed Club!

So this week has been crazy awesome! The work here has really started
to pick up! Which is great! I love it! We are meeting more people and
teaching more!! This week went by so fast I feel like last p-day was
yesterday, haha.

So I am kinda a visitor center sister for the Mesa
temple! My companion is, but she is in full field right now. But they
are about to start Christmas lights and it is crazy busy. So they have
all the VC sisters working for that. So I am being trained for it. I
am actually really excited for it! I will have this awesome
opportunity and experience for the visitor center and also my mission
over in Trinidad! It is just too good to be true! They say a lot of
miracles happen here! And hey are even giving me a Book of Mormon with
my name in it! That is what all the sisters get apparently. So nice!

So we found this guy TJ. We knocked on his door a few times one
night and he was not answering. We thought he wasn't home so we are
walking back to out car. Well we were walking really weirdly! Like REALLY
weird. And all of a sudden we hear a laugh and look back quickly
and see him standing outside his door laughing at us. So embarrassing!
But it was all good, he let us in and we taught him! He is an awesome
dude!!! So being weird opens doors! Note to self!

So our mission president and his wife had the whole mission make
us run a 5k. And that was today! So I just ran a 5k. And it was hard.
But! It was so enjoyable!! Afterwards. The feeling I had was so great!
I need to run more often. I've been slacking on that. But it was good!
I beat my old, and new companion!

Well nothing really crazy! Oh except I had an awesome experience with
a less active we are teaching! So he is 20. His name is Brock.  I
have recently been thinking about him. And a couple nights ago as I
was laying in bed trying to go to sleep I could not stop thinking
about him. And I just kept picturing him on a mission. And him so
happy. And it was so strong. I knew it was the spirit. And I was
getting these ideas for lessons with him! And I wrote them down. It
was such an awesome feeling. I knew the spirit was preparing me for
him. And I have this feeling like he might be one of the reasons why I
am in Mesa. I am trying to figure out what it is that Heavenly Father
wants me to learn here and who he wants me to meet. I think he might
be the who. We will see.

I seriously love the people here. So
much! I will cry saying bye to them they are like my family!!

Well I hope everyone is doing well and safe! I love you all!!!
Remember to put the lord first in all things! Everything else will
fall into place!

                                I got glasses! I joined the club!! Forgot to put that in my email!
                                         Me and my companion. Yes those are snow cones.
                                                             The mission after the 5k.

For sister Lloyd's birthday. 

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