Monday, November 2, 2015


           So! This week was better!!! I could feel the lord work through me! We
were contacting a referral from the hermanas. He is 10 and is name is Eraycheo. We were talking to him outside his door. Sister Pajaro was talking to him and I had an thought to talk to him about how you can receive strength from Jesus Christ and the atonement. But then didn't think I would say it but then I had the prompting again. And it was stronger, not super strong but a little stronger. And then I said it and then the words I was saying after, I did not plan on saying but they just came out and I asked him if he feels alone and how Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are here for this and will help him. He started crying because he has been feeling so alone! We were ableto help him and we are meeting up with him again tomorrow! I started to get teary eyed because this poor boy felt so alone and he was struggling! It was so sad. I could feel heavenly fathers love for him and it was so beautiful!  So that was the highlight of the week!!

        So we had 3 Halloween parties that we had to go to. But we were only able to attend one and the last 10 min of the other. But it was ok they were good! You know typical ward parties. But!! I love dressing up on Halloween. Y'all know that. So we can't do much here to dress up but we did dress up! We were elders!! I took pics so I will send those! It was awesome! Everyone loved our outfits!

 So this last one is the daughter of the members we are living with. But this is our Halloween costume. We are elders.

        TRANSFERS! So transfers happened... And I am staying in this area but loosing one of our wards, and I am so sad about it because I love this ward so much! So we are going to heart attack them!  And I am loosing sister Pajaro! I am so sad!!! I do not want her to leave!! I love her we have grown so close!! And now she will be in a new zone! So sad!!!! It has been hard for both of us! But the new companion that is second half training me is sister Lloyd. Sister Pajaro actually trained her!!
And I have met her and she is awesome! So it is all good! But still sad! But I am now a VC sister too! So I will work at the visitor sister also apparently. So that is awesome! I am excited for that. Apparently it has been closed this whole time because they are completely redoing it!

 Sister Parker and Sister Lloyd heading out for the day!

       So I am doing the object lessons I learned from the missionaries that served in my home ward with the tea bag and the cup water and coins and match. They loved it! So that was awesome!!!

      The most common thing I get here is "oh you look like so and so". Apparently I look like a lot of people! Everyone keeps telling me I look like someone they know! Haha it is a bit weird now because it has happened so much!!

       So I made a lot of goals for myself but one is that I want to be a scriptorian! I want to know everything about the Book of Mormon and the New Testament and the Old Testament. I love them!! I am so engulfed in the reading!! I am also so greatfull for all of the people's sacrifice in the Book of Mormon. For the hard times and trials they went through. We all have learned so much from them because of that. And for them preserving the records so that we can have them. That is so amazing! I am grateful for that!!

Well I love you all!! And I am grateful for this opportunity I have to be serving the lord and becoming a better deciple of Jesus Christ.

I love you. And I love this mission!

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