Monday, November 16, 2015


Hey everyone! So it is November that time of year for Attitude of gratitude! I love having a grateful heart! For example last Monday once it hit 6 pm and P-day was over so many things happens and went wrong! Our meal appintment thought we were coming earlier and then our lesson was  canceled. Then our car got totaled!!! On top of that night we weregoing on splits with the STL. She was going to be with me, and sister Lloyd was going with sister Duran. And then we were not able to eat dinner because we had to get all of this going on. And I was having a killer headache. So it was crazy! But I knew if I focused on all the things that went wrong it would only bring me down and the work. So in my prayers that night I did not ask for anything I just gave thanks for all that Heavenly Father has blessed me with. For the talents I have been given. For this experience hat I have been given to serve a full time mission. That we were not in the car when it was hit. That our lesson cancelled because we would not have made it. And the next day I was able to focus more and not look or let that night bother me. I can testify that being thankful is a blessing. And only increases you
faith and love for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

So since we no longer have a car. And we do not know when we will get
one again. Probably not this transfer. So we are on bikes! Yay!.....
Well I got to get ready for Suriname right? Maybe it is the lord
preparing me for Suriname. And that means I may leave soon!! Haha but
it is quiet peaceful to ride bikes! I enjoy it! And then I get my
speaker and play music and put it in my basket on the bike. So we can
jam out(spiritually) and Cruz. I am sorry we have not taken any pics
on the bike but this next week we will!! I promise! So fun thing!
Sister Lloyd fell! So we were ridding and she is behind me telling me
a story and then I hear  a pause and then, "oh dang it!" And then I
look back and she falls! It was so funny!! I made sure she was ok. She
was. She did not get hurt. But still pretty funny! And then I started
laughing. She laughed to it was all good. Good times good times.

So we had zone training meeting. And it was so spiritual! I loved it!!
We set a goal as a zone to fine 108 new investigators for the month.
This is how we came up with the number because it is pretty random. So
they asked each companion to set a goal for how many new investigators
they can find for the month. And write it down. Then they to stalled
the amount at the end and that is how many we are going to find! And
so awesome!! We have already found 3 this week! It is truly amazing!
And I ran into April who was my first investigator I asked to be
baptized and was doing so great then dropped us. Well we were at a
luau. And she was there she came up to me and smiled and I gave her
the hugest hug! And we held each other for a long time! I instantly
felt so much love for her. More than I thought I had for her. I almost
cried! So found out she is going to church with a polonisian family in
the other ward. So happy to hear that she is going to church still!
And she even taught her family a lesson for fhe one night from the
Book of Mormon! Ahh!! So awesome! She is only 17! But she is not
baptized and doesn't want to take the lessons yet. She feels like she
needs to learn everything and know everything before she can be
baptized. We have tried to explain to her she does not have to be
perfect and that we are here to help her. But she doesn't get it. But
I told her to call us anytime! And when she does decide to be baptized
then to call us! I love that girl!

                     So for language study I wanted to do something fun! So I have been translating the song glorious into Dutch. It is fun! I would send you a video of me singing it but then your ears might bleed so I will not. But I am so happy to be here in my mission! I do not ever want to go home. Sorry mom and dad. I'm staying! But I know it will be so hard for me to leave the people here in Mesa. It will be so sad. But I know I can visit them when I come home. They are only 4 or 5 hours away from home!  Thank you all for your support!! Love you and the emails you send me!! Make my day!!

 This little boy is Zach! He is so adorable and I think he will probably get baptized!

 These kids love us so much! They actually think I am related to spider man. So funny!!
 So this is April in the middle! Love her!!

Riding bikes now. Some neighbors let us borrow them. It will be a long time till our car gets fixed!

Me on a bike!

My Mom had to send me some jackets and sweaters. It is getting cold here in the mornings and evenings and I did not plan on that with packing since I am supposed to be in Trinidad!

 This is me and my companion. I love her. We are cute. 

This is the view from our balcony. In the members home that we live in. The street and houses are so pretty.

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