Monday, November 9, 2015


So transfers happened!! And I have a new companion! Her name is sister Lloyd and she is from Idaho. She is a ginger and has beautiful hair. We get a long so well!! We can laugh and still get work done it is awesome! So I am still in the same area but they took a ward away from me...and i loved this ward so much. They were like my family. Transfers are so sad! But happy at the same time. I do not like saying goodbyes! But we are still living with the members. I love them so much! I feel like I am apart of their family! So great!

             So first I hate pie. My family knows that. But now I love it! I ate like 5 pieces the other night and they were all different kinds! So good!! I don't know what I was missing!!! It was amazing! These members can cook!!! Second everyone one when they ask my name and I say guess they think I look like a Jessica! Haha weird! Because that's my sisters name. It was pretty funny!

          There are these members in our word the Nahles. And the dad is from Lebanon! And he is an amazing cook and made us humus!!!! It tastes just like the humus from back over there!!! I loved it!! He is amazing and he has amazing art! Dad look him up! So awesome!!
             Well nothing crazy happens just transfers. I am so grateful though to be out here. I am loving the mission and the work. I am learning so much! And I made a goal. Each month to focus on a Christlike attribute. So this month is faith in Jesus Christ. It has helped my attitude and work here in the mission so much! I feel so light and strong. Because I know that Heavenly Father is helping me with the load I have to carry! I love everyone one of you! And if any of you know any strong medicines like super strong medicines for headaches please let me know!!
Thank you!!!

I love you!
I love being a missionary!
And I love Arizona Mesa missionary!

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