Monday, August 15, 2016

Met geloof is alles mogelijk.

Zuster Ashcraft

Amazing experience this week!!! I will have to try and shorten it; So this Philipean couple were living in Trinidad, but their work permit expired so they could no longer stay there, but everyone was telling them they never check and will not hunt you down. However she is a RM from the 80's, and super strong in the church, so she said that in this church it says to obey all the laws of the land. They had left everything to come here, to wait for their permit. They know no Dutch, they know no one here. They ran into the elders on their way here because the elders were coming from Trinidad for visa arrangements, and they told them their story. BTW: her husband was very inactive before this all. Now he is active and they are working on their temple sealing! We were able to talk to them because they are staying in a hotel till Monday, and then they do not know where they will go. It was in our area however and we got to see them. Now because of her strong faith, they might have found a house! I am totally down playing this whole story, but they are inspiring! We got them a ride to church and they were a huge example to everyone there! Truly amazing! 
Cool story was that I was on exchanges with zr. Vernes and we went contacting, and we found the coolest old man! He is 100 yrs old! Will be turning 101 in December and was still working up to 6 months ago, till he fell and broke his hip, but he is strong! 
Something me and zr. Ashcraft have been doing is just really 100 percent focusing on our mission: during lunch, any free, we time to tink about our area, and people for the next day, making sure we are always a day ahead and a few days ahead with our member present lessons. We just do not want to give us any time to have trunky thoughts or think about anything but the mission. I love her so much! We have a feeling that this was our last transfer together and so this is our last week. Super sad. We hope not but it might be. I love you all! and you are amazing!!! 

Zuster Parker

Zuster Vernes

Belgische wafels, Lekker!
The Narjodas

Suri Zusters

At the New Amsterdam Museum

There was a cool festival thing

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