Monday, August 1, 2016

Keepin the Temple as a goal.

Hey!! It is still weird to think we are half way done with the transfer! Well we had some difficulties and set backs this week. One was the toilet...... well it stopped working (thankfully we have 2) and then the next couple days we saw there were some ants in our room, and here in Suriname ants are almost everywhere. But they have never really been in our room. At least not this much, and we were like woah they have a line of them on our wall by our beds. and then they are also in our beds! So everyday this week we have had to look in our covers and under our pillows to kill the ants. I am pretty sure we have eaten like a ton in our sleep. Haha! But the worst past was going into the bathroom that same day......and there were A TON of ants!! All by the drain of the shower. It was just black because all you could see were ants, and there were all sorts of ants to, the big dark black ones. the small brown ones. and the small black ones. Not going to lie I just wanted to give up on life at that moment. Haha but now we got it all under control. One thing i am not going to miss is ants when I go home. I mean they are nice and God's creatures but I don't really want to sleep with them.

Well now for the spiritual part. We taught Serkan and, like always i havse something cool to say from it. He is so great! So we have been trying to get him to pray. Well....he did!!!!!! He said it was super short and it felt weird but also felt relieving. He said "I almost texted you once I did it but it was too late". Ohh man!!! We were so happy!! He then was saying how he wants to get married in the temple, he has the temple as the goal. He sees baptism as just a step to get there. Which is perfect!!!! He is so cool! Still calls us his angels!

Nothing really crazy this week! I am just grateful to be a missionary here! I love you and all of your support!!!! Oh I remembered something! Sunday I had to translate from Dutch to English to this guy who also is Brazilian, and knows really good English and he translated to Marillian, an other Brazilian from English to Portuguese. it was crazy! Haha we had like a translating train going on. lobie!!!! zuste parker

Us at the American embassy because Nate(a rm from Utah on an internship) lives there and he just left to go back home.

For his birthday!!!! 82!

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