Monday, August 22, 2016


Well this week was amazing! As is almost every other week.
            Well President Egbert came into the country! That is always a good time. We had an amazing zone conference! I am more pumped to just give these next 6-7 months my all and just focus on the work and how I can use the lords time best. We also got transfer calls.......and president told me mine. Well sad and happy news; sad news is that they are splitting up the A.P's! (me and zuster ashcraft). We have served together for 6 months. I loved every minute of it! We have had no problems and we have grown so much together since the first time we were put together. I love her to death! Zuster Ashcraft is leaving the area, and I am staying in Rainville/Parimaribo branch. This will be my 4th transfer in Raineville and my 7th transfer in this branch, when I am done with this transfer I will have been in this branch for 9 month! But I love them soooo much! They are my family! So the good part about the transfer calls is that I am staying, and.......I am going to be with zuster Vernes!!!!! Oh man we are so excited to be together. The thing here is there are only 4 sisters. So we are all best friends and know each other so there is no going wrong in getting any of them as a companion. I am so excited to start a new transfer and just work harder than I have ever worked, and to be with zuster Vernes! Her background  besides the fact that she is awesome is that she is originally from Germany (knows  how to speak German), but moved to England when she was 16 for school (knows English), and her dad is from Holland so she is half Dutch (knows Dutch), and her mom is from Curacao. She is hard working and very obedient! So it will be good! She reminds me a lot of my sister Jessie in what she says and her mannerisms. and the funny thing is that she says the same thing about me with her sister!
              Also another amazing thing this week! 8 people were baptized in Suriname! None from me and zuster Ashcraft, but it was so cool!! Funny story!! So one of the people getting baptized was dikkie dikkie (fat) and tall and the guy baptizing her when he lifted her up from the water after just putting her under the water her and saying the prayer; he grunted sooo loud!! It was soooo funny!!!! They also had two guys baptize this guy with one leg so that was cool! We taught Milinda and James. James is the 100 yr old guy. Milinda is his granddaughter, she is older though, and she keeps saying things like how she is thinking the lord has sent us to them and how he is directing her to this church, it is just amazing! I know she was prepared by the Lord. Now we have to help her! But I know she will get baptized. I do not know too much about James, he is old and very converted to his church so we will see, but it would be cool to baptize him too!!
              Anyways I love you all! Remember there is always a better choice in how you are living the gospel. Always choose the better way!
Zuster Parker

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