Monday, August 29, 2016

First week, done!

            Well, not going to lie, I have not had a change in a really long time so it was so weird to have a new companion and to set new goals and to learn how to work with each other. Good thing I love her!  One thing I am very grateful for is that we have been working really well together with our teaching! Especially for being comps for the first time. We are flowing really well with each other in teaching and things, and we are talking more Dutch. Everyday this week (and the rest of the mission) we are speaking only Dutch when we leave the apartment, and I love it because I can feel a huge difference in feeling more comfortable with it. I love her! She is pretty funny too. We sometimes do these improve skits randomly, where we talk in different voices and try to be different people in a situation. Like yesterday; we got home and she just started saying "Tomorrow, we are leaving. 4 am. No questions." and then I go off from that. Most of the time we pretend we are from the south. It is pretty funny we always break characters and laugh. It was her birthday and we went to this restaurant and they came out and sang to her for her birthday (I told them it was her birthday) and she was all embarrassed.
           This week was really busy it felt like. We had a couple of lessons that were so cool. One was with a member, and we could both just see that we were not the ones teaching her but that the spirit was. I loved it. You can see that she was really thinking about what we were saying and what the spirit was testifying to her and what she felt. Another lesson was at a recent converts place and we talked about experiences that we had with God, and each time when we shared our experience it reminded her of one she had and she was all excited to share it, that spirit was so strong in the lesson! It was a good week! We are excited for this transfer and to work together because this might be are only chance to be together!
          I love the mission sooo much! I love seeing people change and I love the people here! I am so excited to start a new transfer and just WORK!
Me lobi uw!
Liefs zuster Parker

Decided to go contacting in the cemetery and ended up getting a tour by the guy....

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