Monday, September 26, 2016


         I made it!! I am in Curacao now. Let me tell you it is beautiful! Oh my gosh! It is so much like America!! So weird! with a twist of the Netherlands. I have been able to speak Dutch in lessons and with members.  There are a lot of people who know Dutch here but also a lot who do not. I am learning Papiamento, since it is easier than Spanish and I do not have a a lot of time here. I am in a trio with Hermana Watson(who was English speaking in Trinidad but is here like me), and Hermama Ramirez, Spanish speaking.
       We are on bikes, and there are hills here...I died on my first day here biking! It is so much harder, a lot of water and sweat.  I am so happy though that I still get to see zr. Vernes. There is only one branch here so I see her Sundays, Tuesdays and some p-days, so it will be a good time. There are 6 Hermanas here now. 2 Spanish 2 Dutch and 2 English. The sisters had a baptism so that was really cool!
        I gave my testimony at church in Papiamento, and mainly in Dutch. The branch here is really strong so I am thankful for that! I have only been here for 4 days so nothing super exciting has happened. But...I am in Punda (Willemstad) right now, with the famous Curacao buildings. Next p-day I will have a lot more photos of Curacao!

 I love you all!!
I am super excited for general conference! Already got my q's! I hope you all have yours!!!
Lobi!! Mi ta stima boso (I love you all in Papiamento)

p.s. Mom!!!! They have a McKroket here at Mcdonalds!

All the missionaries in Curacao plus 2 elders on exchanges from Bonaire.
Hermana Ramirez, Sister Watson, Zuster Parker, Zuster Vernes, ?, ?
Elder Burr, Elder Shepphard, Elder Walton, Elder Rios.

My Comps and some members.

Super sweaty!!!

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