Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Zr. Vernes and I had gone through a couple of rough days. I feel like after you are on this spiritual/success high, Heavenly Father brings you down for a bit. We had a few days where everyone was cancelling on us, a little frustrating, even back ups of back ups were not working out. But we were able to be super positive and happy, and still laugh. We laugh so much, which helps make this all not so stressful. I love this girl so much!
        One cool experience we had was when we were forced to contact basically. We locked our bikes somewhere and walked down this neighborhood, looking for people who are outside. Here people just chill on their porch, everyone has a porch/balcony thing. Well no one was interested in what we had to share, a little disappointing. Then we pass by this van outside this house, and I hear some noise coming from the van and zr. Vernes said, "There's a monkey in there!" We looked and saw this little monkey screaming in this car. It was so cute, but we were so concerned for the monkey! We thought that the owners just went home and left the monkey in there. Poor guy! So we kloop at the house and we saw that the house had Chinese symbols on it. I thought oh no the Chinese, they are normally very closed off, and don't know any Dutch or English, just Chinese and Suranan tango..... which we did not know much of. Well a little later three Chinese guys come out and two go into the car and leave and we try to talk to the owner. Well he only knew Surnanan and Chinese. and we tried to contact him. Let me tell you...the gift of tongues is real! I do not know how but I was able to understand him! Not everything though but I could understand the gist of it. We called a member who knew Chinese. and had him talk to him but when they were not able to communicate I was able to understand him. He was super open! And believes in Jesus Christ and thinks it is cool that we are missionaries! We were able to set up an appointment with him and get his name address and phone number! It was an amazing experience. We both have a good feeling about him. That was probably the highlight of the week.
        Oh also the reason why I could not email yesterday was because it was a holiday here and Suriname likes to close everything, except the Chinese people, so no cybers were open yesterday so pday this week is today, Tuesday.
        This experience this week got me thinking a lot at how the Lord really does bless us when we are obedient, doing everything we can, and trying to do his work. I am so grateful for his help because without his help I could not do missionary work.

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Zuster Parker

Our investigator Loes



When I go to start my personal study I open the door to this...

Taught her how to ride a bike! I love Amisha!

Wearing bags on our heads with zr. Salik

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