Sunday, September 18, 2016

E-mail from President Gregory W. Egbert

Dear Brother and Sister Parker,

Your daughter is a wonderful missionary and we love having her in our mission. We wanted to make you aware of a development with our missionary visas in Suriname.

Last year, when we were finalizing document information for her MKV, we were advised by our Area legal counsel in the Dominican Republic, to have her enter Suriname on a business visa. This came about because of the lengthy time it was taking to receive MKV approvals and the desire to have them enter Suriname, instead of being re-assigned for lengthy stays in other missions. This decision also affected three other missionaries.

Last week, the same legal counsel decided that these particular missionaries needed to apply for their MKV's. This necessitates that they leave Suriname, since you can not be residing in the country when you apply.

Our mission also includes the ABC islands. Although Spanish and Papiamento are spoken widely, the official language is Dutch.
I have decided to send these missionaries to the islands so that we can comply to the Caribbean Area Presidency's request. She will be assigned to a Spanish speaking companion and the lessons they teach will be taught in Spanish and Dutch. I am excited for her to have this opportunity and appreciate your support of this action.

My goal is to get her back to Suriname as soon as her MKV has been approved.

Thank you,
President Egbert

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