Monday, September 19, 2016


Well I do not even know where to begin. This past week has been the weirdest craziest week. Me and zr. Vernez are being emergency transferred to Curacao tomorrow, for 3 months,  because of visa situations here. It started last Monday we had to go on a 3 day exchange with the other sisters because me and zr. Vernes were not allowed to teach investigators, and that sucked! I was stuck in the other sister's area (glad I was back with zr. Ashcraft for a couple of days), but it was not my area. I did not know the people. I was not allowed not talk in lessons with investigators and we saw quite a few. It was so hard,  I had so many things I wanted to say,  but i couldnt....!  The only time my mission president has told me not to teach. Weird! We finally got back together in our area and then president tells us we are going to have to leave Tuesday to Trinidad for 4 days, then Curacao for 2 transfers (3 months or so). All because the area wants us all to be legit, legal in regards to our visa. Crazy! To top it all off, we will both be in separate trios, and in our trios we have 1 Dutch (me in my trio and zr. Vernes in her trio), one Spanish speaking( the two that were originally transferred there and supposed to be there), and one English (they were serving in Trinidad and the same thing happened to them so that is why they are there with visa issues) I am going to be honest; I do not know how we will teach with three different languages. It will be very interesting! Me and zr. Vernes will not be together but at least the island is small and we will see each other at church and district meeting and p-days.
         Also, we went to email this morning and within like 10 min of emailing the power went out in the whole mall..... so that put a damper in our plans for the day. We have to pack and everything. A little stressful but it is OK. How am I feeling? Well funny thing is when I was on exchanges this week I said I can totally call my last 4 transfer calls. and listed what will happen. There is not a lot of options here. Well shorty after that I found out this curve ball. Leaving the country. Did not predict that! At least it is still in the mission! I am super sad because I have been in this branch basically my whole mission. They are my family and I love this area! I have been here for 6 months. It is crazy! I do not know how I feel. I am sad to leave here but also excited because we get to go to Curacao! The first zusters there from Suriname! So that will be cool. We will learn Pappiamento and Spanish so that will be cool too! I am positive about this. I am little sad, naturally, but I will see these people here again, I will be back here for my last 3 months. So it will all work out. Plus I know the elders in Bonaire, and I will see them for zone conferences and meetings because the ABC island are one zone.  I am super happy zr. Vernes is coming with me! Island trip with your best friend! It is super pretty there! They bike there too but they have hills!!  I do not know if I will be able to survive hills..... a lot of praying on my bike just like at the beginning of my mission! This will be an amazing learning opportunity for me though. Theme of my mission has been, "It is his plan not mine, and I need to trust in his plan."
      On a different note; I got to hold a sloth this week!! We are at a cyber where it eats your photos so I will not send any this week. Next week you will see the sloth! We named it Louie. A member saw it in the tree (wild sloth) and grabbed it and let us hold it! So cool!!
Well I love you all!!
Hope everything is ok!
Zuster Parker

Got to hold a sloth!

Paramaribo North zone

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