Monday, January 23, 2017

Am I Really 21???She

Well I never thought I would ever get to an age and feel old...but this is the one. I feel older saying I am 21. I feel like I have to be really responsible and mature now. Well, I have been, but it just feels weird! Thank you you all for the birthday wishes! This year my birthday fell on a Sunday.  One of the best presents I got was seeing three of our investigators at church, and they were participating, it was a spiritual service on Sunday.  The branch presidency asked me to give a talk....being on a mission has not helped me with my stage fright, sadly. I still get super nervous and scared, even now that I know the language and what I am talking about. Thankfully it turned out great! I gave my talk on Joseph Smith's life and I focused on how he went through so much, and how he was only able to go through his trials because he had a testimony of the church, the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ and God. We can go through hard things like him if we also have a testimony. We must do as James directs, which is ask of God. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and his example on asking and enduring. 

Well this week was a little health struggle but also a very spiritual week. Zuster Baker has been getting crazy headaches and they have been pretty bad we went to the doctor for them because it was constant for 5 days and she got to go to a physical therapist and get a massage today.....I was a little envious seeing her get a massage, but it is ok in a couple months I will have Jessie give me one ;) (my little sister for those who may not know who that is). We were stuck inside a couple of days because of the health issues, but the days we did get to go!

One of the days we set up a 2 hour contacting block. Here in this mission president Egbert has told us to have a specific area within our areas that we will pray about and contact in, and that we should contact everyday for at least 2 to 3 hours. So we have set up prime time hours and we will contact on those hours. One of the days during our personal study me and zr. Baker were inspired to study the Book of Mormon and both realized we need to use the Book of Mormon more in our missionary work. I got a prompting that we should not only use it in lessons, but when we are contacting. That day we tried it, and wow!! Some of the most spiritual contacts I have had and it was a lot more successful. One of the most spiritual experiences was with Tishan. 

Tishan was just working outside his house and we just came up to him and we started talking to him about religion. He said he was hindu, and pointed at his flags that were hung up (indicating that he is hindu), but we focused on God. I shared  a verse in the Book of Mormon about God and His love for us, and the conversations just grew from there. We got on the subject of our purpose here on earth and he said he has no clue why and how, and he said he wish he knew. Zuster Baker pulled up a verse in the Book of Mormon to answer him and he had a smile on his face, he was feeling the spirit! Then, once we gave him the Book of Mormon the HUGEST smile on his face. He was so happy! He said he wants to come to church because that is where he can learn more and he said he definitely wants to learn more! The spirit was so strong and we have an appointment with him this Tuesday! 

The next crazy awesome thing was with Dion. We had an appointment with an investigator Annastasha, and we brought a member with us. Anna canceled when we got here so zr. Jetti (the member who came with us) drove us back and on that same street she saw a guy outside his house and she rolled down her window, stopped the car and said while pointing at him, "Hello we are from the church can we talk to you?" Go zr. Jetti! We had a lesson with him but that is not even the craziest thing! The craziest thing is that he was an investigator of zr. Baker and Jorgenson,  they taught him like 2 times and then found out he was in jail and dropped him. they put him on date though for the 21 of Jan....the day we met up with him again! Turns out he was there because of false charges. so he got out of jail! He came to church the next day!!!! He is golden and it is crazy how God works! 

There were so many more miracles but I do not have the time! I love being here and the work! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!! 

zuster Parker

My comp decorated my desk

She made me a cake in a mug

Frogs are huge out here!!

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