Monday, January 30, 2017

Truly Guided by the Spirit!

Another great week of miracles here in Kwatta! I had one that was a huge testimony builder. We were biking to our appointment and we were going to be right on schedule, when I saw a man and his daughter on the other side of the street. I greeted them and they were nice and greeted back. As I continued to bike I got a prompting to talk to them, but we were almost to our appointment and we would be late if I did. I was trying to talk myself out of it, basically fighting with the spirit. Something I read from my previous companions email on how president Egbert told her to "Never delay a prompting from the spirit". Those words kept going in my head and then the spirit won. By this time we already were further down passed the intersection when I told zr. Baker let's turn around, I had a prompting from the spirit to talk to someone and i didn't follow it but now I have to! So we turned around and went back to where I saw him last, but he was nowhere to be seen! I just felt horrible but was determined to find him. We were in a neighborhood with many houses and he could be in any one of these houses! There were so many! No one was really outside, so we decided to pray. We asked Heavenly Father to guide us to his house. After the prayer I got the feeling to kloop at a house that was a little further down. So we go there and a couple kids came out, and I thought "this is not it", but then, after talking to the kids for a bit, the guy came outside! The one I was looking for and we contacted him! Afterwards I was just amazed at how Heavenly Father guided us to his house! All we needed to do was ask and listen! I will forever ask and listen when I need guidance and direction I know he will answer my prayers and guide me! It was a beautiful experience! 

In one of my personal studies this week I read one of the conference talks about the Book of Mormon. it is called "There is Power in the Book". I invite you all to read it. I can promise you that the Book of Mormon will provide you those blessings and help in you life! 

I love you all, and am excited for another week of miracles! 


Zuster Parker

Donovan is our investigator who got baptized last Saturday!!

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